Mexico Elementary Embraces Autism In Style

Submitted Article

MEXICO, NY – Mexico Elementary recently celebrated Autism Awareness Month in style by designing puzzle pieces to display on a bulletin board in their school.

With the support of school Principal Nick Pullizi, students were able to have a fun activity awarding them the opportunity to discuss Autism is the school system.

Students of Mexico Elementary gather in front of their Autsim Awareness Bulletin Board.Pullizi noted he was “pleased with the buzz” that the activity created and stressed the importance of tolerance and acceptance in his building.   In addition, many teachers within the school have expanded the opportunity to read books on autism to their classes.

The school administration also set time aside during a staff mid-week meeting for the presentation of an autism friendship reading, as well as a short story from fourth grader Emma Andrews about living with a brother that has autism.

Stephanie Andrews, a parent of a child with Autism and one of the founding members of the Oswego County Autism Task Force was instrumental in creating the awareness within Mexico Elementary School.

“It is a goal of our local Task Force to find a parent representative in every school in Oswego County to model these ideas and create new ones in effort to increase the understanding of Autism within the school,” noted Andrews.

If you would like to learn more about how the Oswego County Autism Task Force, go to

Or if you are interested in being part of a steering committee of parent representatives, call 349-3510.