Mexico High School Senior To Embark On Germany Journey

MEXICO – Viel Glück, Mexico High School seniors Cheyenne Trudell and Jack Ryan!

Cheyenne Trudell
Cheyenne Trudell

Upon graduation in June, the pair, who have studied the German language within the Mexico Academy and Central School District since the seventh grade, will venture out into the world with a better understanding of the language, related worldly experiences and scholarships to support their endeavors.

Ryan was awarded an $800 scholarship from the German American Society of Central New York, one of only six given to local students.

Jack Ryan is flanked by Sally Frenza and Willi Kreeuzer, of the CNY German American Society.
Jack Ryan is flanked by Sally Frenza and Willi Kreeuzer, of the CNY German American Society.

Teacher Mona Goble said he attended a month abroad in Germany last summer and plans to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology in the fall to further his education.

Trudell, however, is putting college on hold for one year so she can experience the opportunity of a lifetime.

After a lengthy application and interview process between both the American and Germany governments, she was named the recipient of the Congress-Bundestag Vocational Scholarship.

That specific exchange program has afforded Trudell the opportunities of living with a German host family, participating in a training or school program and enhancing her knowledge of German culture. A part of the scholarship includes working an internship with a German company throughout the full-year experience.

Out of 18 students chosen nationally, Trudell was the only student from the Albany area selected to receive the honor.

“I’m so proud,” Goble said of both Trudell and Ryan.

Amazed at their willingness to learn, commitment to academics and a continuous drive for success, Goble said she is elated to know the students rewards are beyond their expectations.

Because Trudell attends the New Vision program through the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation, she was not able to get into the German 5 language course at MACS.

She then took it upon herself to work through an independent study of the class in order to advance her understanding of the language.

Trudell said she spent time in Germany last year, fell in love with the country and cannot wait to return to a more fully-immersed program.

The opportunity, Goble said, is a “big deal” and will begin with a pre-seminar orientation June 27 in Washington, D.C before Trudell takes off to Germany on June 29.

For the first two months there, she will study at a language school, then transfer to a high school and complete a vocational internship before she may decide where she would like to go and what she would like to do for her remainder of the time in the country.