Mexico Holds Annual Senior Scholarship, Award Ceremony

MEXICO – Prestigious accomplishments were touted and thousands of dollars in scholarships were awarded to Mexico High School seniors during a special ceremony recently.

MACS Top 10: Pictured at the 2019 Senior Scholarships and Awards Ceremony are the Top 10 seniors from Mexico High School. From left is Kimberly Heagerty (Valedictorian), Calla Lewis (Salutatorian), Josh Washer, Sheila Wallis, Madeline Higby, Jolie Pelow, Brionna Emery, Caleb Kinsey, Logan Craig and Emma Teeter.

The Mexico High School 2019 Senior Class Awards and Scholarships Ceremony program was held in the Mexico High School auditorium on June 11 in front of a packed house of family, friends and mentors.

The event opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Sheila Wallis, followed by the National Anthem and MACS Alma Mater, the latter performed by Mexico High School Select Singers.

MACS District Superintendent Sean Bruno addressed the audience, as did Mexico High School Principal Ryan Lanigan. Both thanked the many community sponsors for their support of Mexico students.

A multitude of special presentations, awards and scholarships were then presented during the ceremony. The ceremony finished with a number of MACS Dollars for Scholars awards.

Listed below are the awards and honorees from the ceremony.

2019 Graduation Marshals: Mrs. Kimberly Rice (Grand Marshal for Graduation), Mr. Michael Charbonneau, Mr. Joseph Deckman, Mrs. Cindy Sprole, Ms. Donna Herrmann, Mrs. Kristen Matteson and Ms. Brianne Hartmann.

2019 Top Ten Seniors: Kimberly Heagerty (Valedictorian), Calla Lewis (Salutatorian), Joshua Washer, Sheila Wallis, Madeline Higby, Jolie Pelow, Brionna Emery, Caleb Kinsey, Logan Craig and Emma Teeter.

Art Awards: Kimberly Heagerty, April McConnell, Alyssa Dann, Nicholas Hartmann, Dylan Long and Angela Greenway.

Foreign Language Awards: French – Brionna Emery, Logan Craig, Abigail Maciejko and Daniella Ahart; German – Rachel Rose, Nicholas Hartmann, Calla Lewis and Joshua Washer; Spanish – Madeline Higby, Emma Teeter, Sheila Wallis and Joshua Washer; Foreign Language Clubs Award – Joshua Washer.

Grace E. Moore Music Scholarship & Rebekah Achievement Awards: Victoria Harriger (Moore Scholarship); Shannon Michaelis & Carter Haynes (Rebekah Achievement).

Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce/Pathfinder Bank Scholarships: Elizabeth Aud, Connor Ransier and Sheila Wallis.

Hunter D. Fox Memorial Scholarships: Logan Craig and Jolie Pelow.

Jericho Bond Memorial Scholarship: Trentyn Holt.

Kurt F. Bessel Jr. Scholarships: Nicholas Hartmann and Calla Lewis.

Marjorie DeLong Memorial Award: Dylan Long.

Mexico Volunteer Fire Dept. Henry J. Meyer Jr. Awards: Dylan Long and Matthew Shaw.

Mickey Emery Awards: Madeline Higby and Emma Teeter.

Mournighan Women in STEM Scholarship: Kimberly Heagerty.

Music Boosters Incentive Awards: Victoria Harriger, Kimberly Heagerty, Sheila Wallis and Joshua Washer.

National Honor Society Scholarship Awards: Kimberly Heagerty and Joshua Washer.

Oswego County Association of Educational Secretaries Award: Connor Ransier.

Oswego County Autism Task Force Scholarships: Trevor Elowsky and Zachary Wright.

Oswego County Comets – Maggie Sue Glenister Wilcox Scholarships: Shannon Michaelis and Emma Teeter.

Sean Finney Kugler Memorial Scholarship: Joshua Washer.

Stephen B. Lynch Scholarship: Elizabeth Aud.

Tri-M Music Awards and Special Awards: Baxter Mason, Sheila Wallis and Joshua Washer;
The Chorus Director’s Award: Baxter Mason and Sheila Wallis; Conference All-State Award: Sheila Wallis and Josh Washer; Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Victoria Harriger; John Philip Souza Band Award: Josh Washer; Director’s Award for Band: Victoria Harriger.

Cindy Sprague Scholarships: Amber Moseuk and Joshua Washer.

Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Award: Kimberly Heagerty.

Faith and Fellowship Scholarship: Nathaneal Galluzzo.

Fulton Savings Bank Scholarships: Connor Ransier and Kassidee Seeley.

Grandma Brown Foundation Scholarship: Sheila Wallis.

Hattie Jerrett Mercier Scholarship: Alyssa Dann.

Heidi Allen Memorial Scholarships from CSEA Local 838: Kimberly Heagerty.

Keitha and Ralph Petersen Memorial Scholarships: Brionna Emery and Shannon Michaelis.

Meegan L. Dunn Art Scholarship: Elizabeth Aud.

Nancy E. Searles Scholarship: Alyssa Dann.

Oswego County Director of Facilities Scholarship: Emma Teeter.

Oswego County Future Counselor’s Award: Matthew Shaw.

Oswego County Retired Teachers Scholarship: Victoria Harriger.

William L. and Jane Shumway Scholarship: Emma Teeter.

Linda Beyer-Shoults Memorial Scholarship: Jolie Pelow.

Eddie Nykaza Memorial Scholarship: Emma Teeter.

Curtis Gerbig Memorial Scholarship: Logan Craig.

Brian Ariola Memorial Scholarship: Connor Viau.

Lucille B. Harmon Memorial Scholarship: Alyssa Dann.

Donald Reuter Memorial Scholarship: Kimberly Heagerty.

Daniel Melita Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas Hartmann.

Empowering Women in Science Scholarship: Calla Lewis.

Janice Clark Community Scholarship: Logan Craig and Caleb Kinsey.

Bogart Brothers Memorial Scholarship: Kimberly Heagerty.

MACS District Educators and Employees Scholarship: Molly Blasier and Victoria Harriger.

Lyndsey A. Schwab Memorial Scholarship: Logan Craig and Jolie Pelow.

We Remember You Scholarship – Mexico Middle School: Jolie Pelow.

We Remember You Scholarship – Mexico Elementary: Logan Craig.

Jillian Colton Brooks Memorial Scholarship: Kimberly Heagerty.

Lisa Domicolo Memorial Scholarship: Kendall Carson.

Sherry Breslawski Memorial Scholarship: Dylan Long.

NYS Trooper Amanda Anna Memorial Scholarship: Calla Lewis.

Dollars for Scholars Scholarships: Taylor Bartle, Kati Prentice, Amber Moseuk, Madeline Higby, Trinity Burton, Grace Frasier, Dylan Long, Destiny Teachout, Sheila Wallis, Shannon Michaelis, Connor Ransier, Kendall Carson, Ashley Clement, Haley Freeman, Caleb Kinsey, Jazmine Durfey, Brionna Emery, Victoria Harriger, Matthew Shaw, Mikayla Myers, Elizabeth Aud, Molly Blasier, Joshua Washer, Lauren Beall and Abigail Divens.