Mexico Senior Earns Music, Academic Scholarship To Saint Rose

MEXICO – With a smile on her face, a little fanfare and the flick of a pen, senior Victoria Harriger inked her letter of commitment to The College of Saint Rose’s music program this week.

Prior to signing her commitment letter to The College of Saint Rose, Victoria Harriger, at right, listens to officials speak about her accomplishments. On the left is Mexico High School Principal Ryan Lanigan and at center is High School Band Director Brian Carnes.

Harriger, who attends Mexico High School, will receive two large scholarships from the college for her academic prowess and musical talent to join the Golden Knights’ ranks.

She officially committed to the college in front of family, friends and mentors March 4 at Mexico High School.

Located in Albany, Saint Rose met all of Harriger’s needs, she said, adding the whole arrangement and situation worked out “perfectly.”

To her, the university feels like home already.

“It reminds me of Mexico,” said Harriger. “The people are incredibly nice and even the buildings look similar in a Victorian style.”

Harriger, who plays bass for Mexico’s band, began playing the instrument just three years ago as a freshman.

Victoria Harriger, second from left, is pictured with her family at Mexico High School after recently committing to The College of Saint Rose’s music program. From left is her mother Christine Harriger, Victoria, brother Andrew Harriger and father Joe Harriger.

Her overall determination and drive have helped her become such a strong bassist despite only recently picking up the instrument, High School Band Director Brian Carnes said.

“Victoria is the perfect combination of talent, ability and a self-motivator,” said Carnes. “I’ll tell her what things to work on and minor tweaks, and the next thing I know, she’s doing all of them. Congratulations on your hard work paying off.”

“We are all so very proud of Victoria’s accomplishments and we can’t wait to follow along as she does great things in college,” said Mexico High School Principal Ryan Lanigan. “It’s another example of hard work and dedication turning into something good.”

While at school, Harriger intends to major in music education with the goal of one day becoming a teacher so she can pass along musical inspiration.

“My music teachers have really helped me grow, not only with music but as a person,” said Harriger. “It’s so inspiring and that’s what I want to do for other students like me. They’ve shared with me a passion for music and I want to pass it along. I also want to keep performing.”

Victoria’s parents are Joe and Christine Harriger, and she has a younger brother, Andrew.