Mexico Students Earn Year-End Awards

MEXICO – Several Mexico Middle School students were recently honored for their academic, social and behavioral achievements.

Here is a list of awards distributed at the conclusion of the 2017-18 school year:
• Marilyn Hilton Award (6th grade) to Julianna Ricker, Emily Bennett and Ashley Bennett
• Jillian C. Brooks Award – (6th grade) to Avery Mack , math and Ella Blunt, science
• VFW Award (7th grade) to Payton Searor & Emma Haney
• VFW Award (8th grade) to Caleb Fischer & Alecsis Buda
• Metcalf-Pryor Family of Educators Scholarship (8th Grade) – ELA Writing Award: Loralei Deasy & Destiny Wakeman
• Attorney General’s Triple C Award (Character, Courage and Commitment) to 8th graders Riley Wallace and Destiny Wakeman
• Office of the State Comptroller Student Achievement Awards to 8th graders: Joey Reed, Eymarah Bowman, Grace Mason, Carolyn Zedack, Lauren Salisbury and Autumn Parkhurst
• Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of New York to 8th graders Tyler Warner and Devon Walker