Mexico Superintendent First to Spot Double-Dip Scandal in Last Job

An interesting article in the Times Herald-Record today, involving current Mexico schools Superintendent Robert Pritchard.

It involves his last job, as Business Manager of the Kingston school district.

The article notes that in March, 2009 Pritchard had denied part of a payment to the school’s security guard, who was also a police detective, for double-dipping.

Pritchard told the paper he was called to a meeting with the guard and the Superintendent of Schools and was forced to apologize for questioning the payment.

The detective was suspended in January when an audit confirmed the double-dipping, and later was arrested when money was discovered to be missing from a safe at the police station.

Turns out Pritchard was the one who deserved an apology.  But he hasn’t gotten one, at least not from Superintendent Gerard Greitzinger:

“Gretzinger doesn’t remember the chat with Pritchard and Matthews [the security guard/detective]. “What was said at that meeting, I do not recall,” Gretzinger said at a news conference last week.

Pritchard, who denied another set of questionable payments to Matthews in November 2008, said his former boss’s memory hiccup is unfortunate.

“I would like to think that the story, on some level, could have been appreciation of Bob Pritchard for protecting public assets,” Pritchard told the Times Herald-Record. “That story is only being told by me and that’s kind of regrettable.””

Pritchard came to Mexico after 11 years in Kingston.

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  1. Good story, but wasn’t he just doing his job? Sad we live in times that he gets looked as if he is a hero for not being corrupt. However, I admit it’s a nice story. And on another note, he better be protecting public assetts, seems like it could have been escalated sooner?

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