Michael Coon Returns to Hometown After 13 Years to Manage GS Steamers Bar & Grill

Oswego, NY – For Oswego-native Michael Coon, returning to his hometown after 13 years to take over as manager of GS Steamers Bar & Grill just made sense.

“I’ve had the opportunity to learn and see a lot in the food and beverage as well as the hospitality industry in Orlando for the past decade or so,” said Coon. “But having the chance now to come back home to be with my family, and also help build upon the success and reputation of GS Steamers is a perfect opportunity for me.”

Coon took over as manager late in August, according to Shane Broadwell, owner of Broadwell Properties and GS Steamers, and he sees a ton of potential in his new hire.

“We are thrilled to have someone with Michael’s experience on the team,” said Broadwell. “The feedback we’ve had has been tremendous already, and we believe he is exactly the individual we want in place to take Steamers to the next level with regard to our menu, atmosphere, and patron service.”

Coon began his career in the bar/restaurant industry when he was just 18 as a bartender at a local college bar. By the time he was 20 he was assisting in the management of the establishment.

“Although I started bartending at 18,  I would say I officially started in the in the business when I was around 13, sweeping and mopping the floors at a truck stop bar and diner that my mother worked at,” noted Coon. “Eventually I was helping out in the kitchen with the dishes, as well as prepping and cooking for breakfast on the weekends.”

“You can probably say it was this experience and the exposure within the bars and restaurants of the Broadwell family back then, that garnered my enthusiasm for the industry,” he added.

When Coon was 25 he left New York and went to work in Florida. While there, his career took on many new levels. He was given the opportunity to learn more about the business end of running a bar. One of the first places that took him on was the famous Four-Star, Four-Diamond Peabody Hotel on International Drive in Orlando.

“It was at the Peabody Hotel that I learned a lot about four-star service, as well as the diversity that comes with the night club scene,” said Coon.

Taking that experience, Coon went on to develop a very successful series of events he branded “White Carpet Events.”  His kick off event hosted 3,000 people for a New Year’s Eve party and Coon quickly built a strong reputation for the planning and management of these types of events.

According to Coon he sees the same potential now at GS Steamers Bar & Grill, both with regard to the food and beverage side of the business and the entertainment venue.

“GS Steamers has all the tools in place to be exceptional for its patrons,” said Coon, “My new role will be to maximize that potential with new ideas from our customer input, as well as the experience I have built over the past 25 years.”

And, according to Broadwell that potential is considerable.

“The growth of our food and beverage entities of Broadwell Properties has been significant,” said Broadwell. “With the addition of a brand new 52 seat dining room at Steamers, Bayshore Grove showing considerable demand, and the prospects that we see with the new conference and convention center that will be under construction shortly, the leadership of someone like Michael is extremely important.” “He has great ideas and has a strong vision on how GS Steamers Bar & Grill, and our other properties can better serve our customers,” he added. “Michael wants the perfect bar and restaurant experience for our customers, and I can’t ask for much more than that.”

Located at 70 East First Street in the Econo Lodge Riverfront Hotel in Oswego, New York, GS Steamers provides patrons with a diverse food menu, daily drink specials, and breathtaking view of the beautiful Oswego Harbor. For more information on GS Steamers Bar & Grill call (315) 342-0000 or visit them on the web http://www.gssteamers.com/.

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