Michaud Nursing Home Plans Larger Parking Lot

Fulton’s Michaud Nursing Home hopes to soon create a larger parking lot.

Fulton’s Planning Commission recently approved turning a field of weeds into parking, and the Fulton Common Council has scheduled a public hearing for November on the plan.

Planning Commission chair Sandy Weston says Michaud’s owners will renovate the existing 2,180 square foot parking lot along Park St., which runs along the back of the nursing home. It will also pave 7,037 square feet of current green space, a lot at 501-505 South Second St. that runs along the south edge of the shopping plaza that includes Rite-Aid.

“The existing green space is overgrown and in disrepair and does not provide any obvious benefit,” Weston said in an e-mail to Oswego County Today.

The new lot will connect to the Rite-Aid lot. It will have a grass buffer and will not affect any water or sewer lines.

Michaud workers now use a lot owned by Oswego Health, operator of the former Lee Memorial Hospital. Weston said Oswego Health’s pending expansion in Fulton will require the use of the spaces in the Oswego Health lot. The new parking for Michaud will provide 27 parking spaces.