Midway Drive-In – HALLOWEEN HORRORFEST – Friday & Saturday.. October 30-31

(5) Five Movies for the regular $8.00/person admission
on Friday & Saturday.. October 30-31
3 Movies on Sunday..Nov 1

1) THE VISIT (PG-13) 7:00 PM Fri, Sat, Sun
A M. Night Shyamalan Horror, Thriller

2) TALES OF HALLOWEEN (R) 8:45 Fri, Sat, Sun
An Anthology of several Halloween Tales in a small town.

3) COOTIES (R) 10:30 Fri & Sat only Not Showing Sunday
starring Elijah Wood in an Action, Comedy, Horror

4) GOODNIGHT MUMMY (R) Friday 12:00 am Saturday 1:30 am
Sunday 10:35 pm
This is a well rated Austrian psychological Horror, Thriller
which is presented with subtitles

5) KNOCK, KNOCK (R) Friday 1:30 am Saturday 12:00 am
Sunday Not Showing
starring Keanu Reeves in a Horror, Mystery Thriller

Please check our web site for more details on the Theatre and the Movies