Mike and Molly Need To Find Their Way Home

OSWEGO, NY – Mike and Molly were lucky to find  the porch of kind-hearted strangers in Constantia several months ago, when they found themselves inexplicably on their own.


They were fed and given shelter outdoors.

But, when that family could not care for them any longer, they were turned over to the Oswego County Humane Society foster care program.

It turns out that Mike, the ginger and white tiger with the bedroom eyes, is about 4 and a half years old and neutered.

His loyal companion, Molly, a pretty ginger tabby, is about 2 and a half years old and spayed.

Both are healthy, chubby, very affectionate, good with other cats and dogs and they were obviously part of a loving family at one time.


They are up for adoption, but  Diane Broadwell, the chair of the Humane Society’s Animal Services program, thinks they may have gotten lost.

“We recently found the original owners of a cat that had been missing from his Hannibal home for almost a year, so miracles do happen,” she said. ” We know that cats can get lost when they are frightened away from their homes for some reason, so when we find older cats that have obviously been well cared for, we always make an effort to locate the family that once loved them.  And these are two very lovable cats.”

If you are their owner or have any idea who might be, please call the Humane Society at 315-207-1070 or Diane at 315-564-7442.