Millard Hawk Primary Student Musical a Success

Millard Hawk Primary School second graders gave a recent roaring performance of the musical, “It’s a Jungle Out There.”

Second graders perform as elephants during a recent musical.
Second graders perform as elephants during a recent musical.

The event began with a lion (Preston Lacey), zebra (Myla Wojtaszek) and tiger (Brayden Jessie) peering into the audience as the second grade classmen sang “It’s a Jungle Out There” dressed as cheetahs, monkeys, hyenas and elephants.

The lion said it was hard to be king of the jungle so he went on his way and the zebra and tiger tried to find the friendliest animals around.

Students dressed as cheetahs sang about being party animals while students dressed as monkeys emphasized their focus of playing games.

Hyenas thought everything was funny and then the zebra and tiger found elephants to be the friendliest animals.

The elephants also had a special message: stop and smell the roses.

A few elephants offered that having money, fancy clothes and popularity are not as important as having good friends.

“When you’ve got good friends, you’re as rich as a king,” one student said.

The lion then reappeared and everyone remained good friends.

The audience erupted in cheers after the musical concluded with another rendition of “It’s a Jungle Out There.”

Director Jillian Bushnell said all students practiced during music class and after school throughout the past month.