Mimi’s Helps Catholic Charities With Basket Raffle During Live Radio Broadcast

From left are Chris Sachel, Susan Mayer and Dennis Rupert.
From left are Chris Sachel, Susan Mayer and Dennis Rupert.

FULTON – Mimi’s Drive-In supported Catholic Charities of Oswego County by donating the proceeds from a basket raffle held during a live broadcast at the restaurant on Nov. 30 by Tom and Becky of B104.7 radio.

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From left are Chris Sachel, Susan Mayer and Dennis Rupert.

Mimi’s owners Chris Sachel and Dennis Rupert presented Susan Mayer of CCOC with the donation.

“We are extremely grateful to Chris and Dennis for their support,” said Mary Margaret Pekow, CCOC executive director. “The demand for items from our food pantry, as well as other services is extremely high during the holiday season and the extra help is really appreciated .”

For more information, contact Pekow at 315-598-3980, ex. 223.