Minetto 6th Graders Learn ‘Ratios in Restaurants’

MINETTO – Tracy Shannon and Nicole Cleary’s sixth grade students at Minetto Elementary School have turned math enrichment time to real-world lessons.

Minetto sixth grade students show off menus they created during math enrichment lessons from teachers Tracy Shannon and Nicole Cleary, both of whom are standing in back.

New this year, Shannon and Cleary have developed small-group instruction for select students, while some of their peers receive Response to Intervention math assistance. Shannon said she and Cleary offered targeted group work to assist the remaining students in re-teaching math skills and provided enrichment opportunities to further their understanding of skills learned.

Upon completing the first math unit of the 2019-2020 school year, which focused on ratios, proportions and percentages, the sixth-graders were placed in groups of three or four. They were given instructions on how to create a restaurant menu using all math skills learned in the recently-learned unit. Creativity, teamwork, math practice and helped the participating students create delectable designs. Each group also provided related math questions to challenge their peers in a review of information learned.