Minetto Elementary a Stop On The Healthy Highway for Oswego State Lakers

MINETTO – Members of the Oswego State Men’s Ice Hockey team made a detour on the Healthy Highway when they stopped at Minetto Elementary to share with students the importance of having an active lifestyle.

Oswego State Men’s Ice Hockey team members, including #4 Devin Campbell, back, play scooter hockey with Minetto sixth graders during a recent visit to the elementary school, as part of the school’s Healthy Highway effort.

Students from across all grade levels spent time with the Lakers during their specials.

During each period, the college athletes encouraged the students to adopt the following habits: get plenty of sleep, eat healthy foods, stay hydrated and exercise daily.

Player #9 Mitch Emerson told fourth graders they can help prepare their meals alongside their parents and suggest additional nutritious options.

His teammate, player #4 Devin Campbell, said like college students, Minetto sixth-graders can also find balance with school and sports.

“You’re so routine by the time you’re a couple of months in; get into a routine,” he said.

Physical education teacher Don Fronk said the visit served as a means for the children to look up to the college athletes and discuss how they achieve peak performance.

Both he and colleague Alex Goewey supervised the students as they played volleyball and scooter hockey with the Lakers, while other hockey players visited other special areas.

Fronk said their visit aligned with the Healthy Highways program, which is a partnership with the Oswego City School District, Oswego Health and the Oswego County Health Department to improve the health of local children.

Students have learned the difference of green (best choice), yellow (OK choice) and red light (poor choice) foods.

Healthy Highway is implemented in various ways throughout each OCSD building.

At Minetto, the initiative focuses on sections of MyPlate.gov and has additional monthly themes, such as vegetables for January and heart health for February.

Students and staff members alike also participate in Fitness Fridays, where they engage in additional physical activities.