Minetto Elementary Faculty Create Inclusion Board

MINETTO – Minetto Elementary School’s Inclusion Bulletin Board was created by faculty members, Cindi Hermann and Amy Sullivan to celebrate the school’s 25th year of inclusion.

The bulletin board reads, “We are each beautiful and unique, but together we are a masterpiece!”

Minetto School’s Inclusion Bulletin Board
Minetto School’s Inclusion Bulletin Board

The flowers were constructed from students’ decorated handprints and the surrounding handprints at the top and the borders on the side were decorated by the staff.

According to Hermann the staff design and hands were for everyone that works with the kids, including the teachers, teaching assistants, teacher aides, therapists, kitchen staff, office staff, custodians and bus drivers.

“We are all in this together. That’s why it works and works so well,” Hermann said.

In 1989, Oswego City School District began its first implementation of inclusion, a fully integrated special education system.

This method was a pioneering design that paved the way for further advances in educational transformation.

This year marks 25 years of inclusion for Minetto Elementary School students.

Inclusion enables the collaboration of all individuals of various learning abilities and celebrates the concept of togetherness.

Using this method, students learn, interact, and help one another through educational processes.