Minetto Student Council Meets BOE Member

MINETTO, NY – The Minetto Elementary School Student Council recently met and the members heard a presentation from Oswego Board of Education member Sean Madden.

Madden talked about the responsibilities and duties of being a board member.

He also answered numerous questions posed by the students in regards to the duties and decisions made by the board.

Minetto Student Council Meets BOE Member
Minetto Student Council Meets BOE Member

This year’s members of the Minetto Elementary School Council includes Josh Pospesel, Julia May, Kyle Decker, Tessa Smith, Allison Choate, Zach Griffin, Nick Brown, Kieran Henrie, Alexa Fadden, Abigayle Christian, Matthew Mace, Tiffany Ditton, Ivy Perry, Grace Bruns, Nick Masuicca, Avery Croucher, Madison Rahn, Kelsey Cullinan, Jesse Hauser, Luke May, Alexis Elmer, Kyle Topley, Trisha Ditton, Kelci Somers, Kyra O’Gorman, Shawn Clary, Rory Henrie and Kane Davis.

Student Council Advisor Crystal Mason arranged the meeting as this is just one of the many special events that are conducted each year.

Mason regularly schedules local and regional governmental representatives to meet with the members of the Minetto Student Council.

Mason said, “I thought the visit went very well. The kids were interested in what decisions the board was able to make. Sean relates very well to the kids and he answered many of their ‘what if’ questions. The students wanted to know about the additions and changes to our building over the year.”

Continuing she said, “Mr. Madden spoke about the chain of command within the district and that (Minetto’s principal) Mr. (Dean) Goewey would probably be able to answer questions specifically about Minetto.”