Minetto Student Council Winds Up Great Year

MINETTO, NY – The Minetto Elementary School Student Council recently wrapped up a very successful year.

Minetto Student Council
Minetto Student Council

Advisor Crystal Mason said, “This year the student council has accomplished many things including raising more than $1,000 for the town of Oswego’s Mary Walker statue. They also participated in Earth Day cleanup and assisted in the Minetto Elementary School Holiday Drive.”

Recently, the students celebrated an outstanding year with a celebration that included soda floats and a kickball game.

In attendance were Julia May, Kyle Decker, Tessa Smith, Zach Griffin, Nick Brown, Kieran Henrie, Alexa Fadden, Abigayle Christian Matthew Mace, Tiffany Ditton, Grace Bruns,  Nick Masuicca, Avery Croucher, Madison Rahn, Kelsey Cullinan, Jesse Hauser, Luke May, Alexis Elmer, Kyle Topley, Trisha Ditton, Kelci Somers, Kyra O’Gorman, Shawn Clary, Rory Henrie, and Kane Davis. Absent from the meeting were Josh Pospesel, Allison Choate and Ivy Perry.

Oswego Baord of education member Sean Madden was also in attendance to congratulate the Minetto Student Council for its contributions to school and community.