Minetto Students Celebrate Reading

MINETTO, NY – Students and tutors from the Oswego City School District’s Spring Reading Clinic are pictured after their final celebration at Minetto Elementary School.

Celebrating reading in Minetto
Celebrating reading in Minetto

Elementary students from the school, along with tutors in the Masters Literacy Program at Oswego State University, worked together on reading and writing activities during the spring semester.

Pictured in row one and two, from left are; tutor Emily Field and Adrianna Vantassel, Michelle Derby and Ethan Hotaling-Whitney, Elizabeth Hilton and Wyatt Reynolds, Garrett Besaw and Cynthia Kellogg, Julian Allen and Emily Marturano.

In the third row are students Donald Ditton, Madison LeRoy, Alex McRae, Jordan Hare, Dakota Sinclair, Dale Reynolds, Emily Sgro, and Allyson Conner.

In the back row, from left are tutors Amy Murphy, Julie McEwen, Jessica Fisher, Kate Haefele, Rachel Jewell, Brenna Hoefler, Rebecca Kaban and Sarah Ferlito.

The program is coordinated by JoAnn Syrell, Literacy Specialist at Minetto Elementary School.

It is a collaborative effort between the Oswego City School District and Oswego State University.