Minority Point of View

The 2013 draft budget has been released and now it’s time for the legislature to make some serious cuts.

We need to reduce the budget by $3 million and possibly more.

Each year, throughout the year, we in the minority caucus fight the wasted tax dollars that the majority foolhardily spends.

The County Clerk’s office is a good example of a rampant waste of the hard earned money of the taxpayers.

The Republican legislators supported the creation of a deputy clerk of operations so that they could give one of their own a non-competitive civil service job. At a committee meeting, the employee who now holds the position told legislators that he wanted to carry on his family legacy of working for the clerk’s office. The cost of this legacy to the taxpayers is $39,646 plus fringe benefits.

Without blinking, the Republican legislators voted to add the position of senior index clerk to the budget at a salary of $38,275 plus fringe benefits. The person now holding the position was promoted from an index clerk as of the first of the year and to date has not been performing the work of a senior index clerk.

The Republican legislators, with the exception of legislators Jim Karasek, Margaret Kastler and Shawn Doyle, voted to give IQS a contract to do the data imaging for the clerk’s office.

This contract will cost the taxpayers $300,000 or more over the cost offered by the other companies that submitted proposals. IQS was the most expensive and had the lowest rating of the other companies yet the Republicans gave no consideration to how they spend your money.

The Republican legislators approved a new car for a messenger to drive from county to county to pick up vehicle registrations, claiming it brings in additional revenue. Other counties do this by express mail. When the cost of the car, insurance, gas, employee salary and fringe benefits are added, we ask how much actual revenue this is generating and could money be saved by using the mail?

There is unnecessary and never ending bullying and abuse of certain employees in the clerk’s office and this too comes with a cost to the taxpayers. An employee who could no longer take the abuse had quit and with that came a costly unemployment hearing.

The employee prevailed and not only did the county pay its share of the unemployment benefits, but the costs associated with the hearing.

These examples are just a few of the many ways to cut from the 2013 budget.

We are confident the taxpayers do not want to continue paying for political patronage, legacies and waste.

We pledge to continue the fight to stop the abuse of your hard earned tax dollars.
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