Minority Point of View

Minority Point of view
The August 12 meeting of the Oswego County Legislature was a true display of the reckless and complete disregard the leadership and many of the Republican legislators have for the process of governing for the people.

Moments after the legislature unanimously voted to send a resolution to state officials urging them to stop passing unfunded mandate costs down to the county because of the financial strain it places on the taxpayers, 15 Republican legislators voted to award a contract to Info Quick Solutions, Inc. of Liverpool to provide data imaging services to the County Clerk’s office.

This contract has the potential to cost the taxpayers over $300,000 more than what was offered by the other vendors submitting proposals. We ask, why was it so important to the Republicans to award a contract to the most costly vendor with the lowest overall rating of the five competing companies that submitted proposals?

The ratings were determined by a blind review panel comprised of members who were hand-picked by County Administrator Phil Church. Apparently, Mr. Church had little faith in his own panel.

More apparent is that the Republicans must not have had faith in the panel as they completely disregarded the work these members did on behalf of the taxpayers of Oswego County.

We respectfully ask the taxpayers of the county to pay close attention to how your legislator voted.

The legislators voting to waste your hard earned tax dollars so that they can keep their political bosses happy are Legislator Milferd Potter, Legislator David Holst, Legislator Ronald Sakonyi, Legislator John Martino, Legislator Daniel LeClair, Legislature Chairman Fred Beardsley, Majority Leader Jack Proud, Legislator Robert Hayes, Legislator Linda Lockwood, Legislator Art Ospelt, Legislator James Oldenburg, Legislator Mary Flett, Legislator Dan Chalifoux, Legislator Terry Wilbur and Legislator Louella LeClair.

We commend Legislator Shawn Doyle, Legislator Margaret Kastler and Legislator James Karasek for standing up to their Republican Party bosses and voting in the best interest of their constituents.

Hold your elected officials responsible and ask these 15 legislators how they justify spending more than one quarter of a million dollars more than necessary for a vendor who scored the lowest in a review conducted by a panel hand selected by the County Administrator.

Ask these 15 legislators how they can complain about unfunded state mandates yet do nothing to control local spending. Ask these 15 legislators when they are going to stop working for their political hierarchy and start working for the residents of Oswego County that they were elected to represent.

The most important question you need to ask is why these 15 legislators dismissed you, the taxpayer.

Daniel Farfaglia, Michael Kunzwiler, Douglas Malone, Jacob Mulcahey, Amy Tresidder