Missing Something? Albany May Be Holding Your Money

By Senator Patty Ritchie

New York State may owe you money.

Right now,  the state is holding onto more than $11 billion in unclaimed funds from abandoned bank accounts, forgotten utility deposits and mislaid stock and bonds.

At last count, the state Comptroller held more than 26 million of these accounts that awaiting claim by their rightful owners.

By law, companies are required to turn over “abandoned” or “unclaimed” funds are required to be turned over to New York and every other state until their true owner can be found.

Most of the accounts total less than $100,  but, in 2008, one New Yorker found a windfall of more than $4 million from a forgotten stock account.

Right now, the state is holding onto $1.7 million for one individual.

You should never pay a fee to find if a state is holding money for you. A simple online search is all you need to start the process. Or, if you don’t use a computer, call the Comptroller’s office, and they will do it for you.

Visit this website to find links to a state where you have lived, and which could be holding your funds: www.unclaimed.org.

If you want to limit your search to New York State, visit www.osc.ny.gov. (Then click the link that says, “Search for lost money.”)

Or call (800) 221-9311, Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.


  1. What about all that STAR Rebate money of mine that the State is holding on to. Patty told me she was going to get it back and she’s not doing a thing about it

  2. Senator Ritchie is the cosponsor of three different bills aimed at providing school tax relief:

    S4338 Ranzenhofer which reinstates the Middle Class STAR rebate for the 2012-2013 school year and thereafter; sets out amounts per year; commissioner of taxation is authorized to develop procedures for the implementation of such program.

    S1920 Hannon which allows senior citizens previously approved for the enhanced school tax relief exemption, who have elected not to participate in the income verification program, to file a simplified renewal application annually; directs the commissioner of taxation and finance to prepare such simplified, short form for eligible senior citizens.

    S2998 Lavalle which establishes a capped real property school tax rate for persons seventy years of age or older who meet the eligibility requirements for the enhanced school tax relief exemption.

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