Missionaries Share Experience in Croatia

FULTON – Rotarian Rev. Dave Cramer introduced Rev. Dave Scott to his Fulton Noon Rotary Club at a recent meeting.

Rev. Dave Cramer, right, with Rev. Dave Scott and Helen Hoefer.
Rev. Dave Cramer, right, with Rev. Dave Scott and Helen Hoefer.

Club president Helen Hoefer thanked Rev. Scott for a very informative program.

Rev. Scott and his wife, Betsy, and their two children are missionaries in Croatia.

The country is very poor with more than 50% unemployed and the people have a sense of hopelessness.

The Scotts have been in Croatia for six years and have developed a relationship in the community in which they live.

Their mission is to love and serve others.

They have started a charity shop and used clothing store.

Rev. Scott told how he witnessed the transformation from hopelessness to a restoration of dignity on the face of Hackia, a local who was given a winter jacket.

This simple gesture of friendship has opened doors for Hackia as well as for the Scotts.

Rev. Scott told how they have built bridges within the community by partnering with other organizations to meet their specific needs.

One attempt to help build a bridge was an impromptu visit to the Syrian border.

Rev. Scott was a liaison between the border policemen and the refugees, an experience that was both heartbreaking and fulfilling.

They also provided school boxes to the children in their neighborhood, which gives the children a  feeling of being human and being cared for.

Rev. Scott said they will stay until they feel called to another mission field.

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  1. Being Croatian and familiar with the country the characterization of it being very impoverished with a 50% unemployment is false. The county is moderate high income, the current unemployment rate is 13.6% (very high) but not 50%. A recent member of the EU, NATO and has a very high literacy rate. Croatia has a very large Roman Catholic population that has very high church attendance rates. Also, geographically Croatia is very far from Syria and a vist to the Syrian border would be a major undertaking. Please correct and/or clarify the article. By the way Croatia is a culturally rich country with immense natural beauty!

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