Modifications Announced To The Fisherman Alert System At Varick Hydro Facility

OSWEGO, NY – In order to maintain a safe environment while addressing some concerns of the city of Oswego and its residents, Brookfield Renewable will be performing modifications and upgrades to the Fisherman Alert System at the Varick Hydro Facility.

We will be testing and implementing these changes over the next few days.

• The direction of the speakers will be modified to face towards the river
• The speakers will operate at a lower wattage

• The duration of the alert will be significantly shortened to approximately one minute
• The tone will use a single frequency rather than frequency varying tone

These changes will reduce the impact of the alarm on the surrounding community, while continuing to promote the safety of fishermen in the area.

Brookfield Renewable is strongly committed to public safety and to providing a safe recreational experience.

We recommend the use of Personal Floatation devices at all times and in all areas downstream of the Varick Facility.

We encourage recreational users to pay attention to their surroundings and respect the Fisherman Alert System and all safety measures.
We thank the public and the city of Oswego for their collaboration and patience.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]