Monday’s Briefing: Off To Denver

The focus of New York politics shifts to Denver this week (and next) as the candidates for President have their made-for-TV conventions.  Most of New York’s political elite is there, too.

361New Yorkers are delegates to the convention.  Only two of them are named Clinton, though one of the two will get more attention than the other 360.

VP pick Joe Biden has a strong tie to Central New York.  He’s a graduate of Syracuse University’s law school and his first wife, who died in a car crash with their young daughter weeks after he was elected to the Senate, hailed from Auburn.  SU, naturally, is pleased.

So much for that.  Elsewhere:

Outside Of Albany:


Those of you who’d like to see New York City become its own separate state could just get your wish…but not the way you’d think.

[The Briefing is a daily roundup of news from around the state.  It is neither straight news nor commentary. It is also just back from vacation.]