Money Pit

To The Editor:
Money Pit: An ongoing drain on financial resources (tax dollars), such as a house (or a county Department) in frequent need of costly repairs or improvements.

This money pit started in January of 2015 with the hiring of a replacement Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds at $82,000 plus benefits (higher pay than a 20-year employee being replaced).

Reason for the over-payment was this person was going to be in charge of both B/G and Central Services when the head of Central Services retired.

It was touted as a money-saving plan.

The year is 2016, soon after the retirement of the Superintendent of Central Services it was noted that a head of the Central Services department was required.

Promoting a person from within at a $7,000 raise. (Not a savings)

Soon after the above hiring a need to hire back the retired superintendent as a consultant at a rate of $75 an hour was approved. (Not a savings)

Later in 2016, it was deemed that a manager of the Central Services Department was required.

This again was approved.

The worker that was promoted was returned to their previous classification at his previous rate of pay.

The new manager was hired at $71,000. (Not a savings)

Again, the past superintendent was hired as a consultant at $75 an hour. (Not a savings)

In 2017, the name of the department was changed to Information Technology combining B/G with Central Services.

Information Technology Needs Analysis study performed at a cost of $30,000. (Not a Savings)

As a result of the above study, again the need to hire an outside consulting firm is being requested at a cost of $25,000. (Not a savings)

This money pit is being financed by your tax dollars.

Your tax dollars should be used to provide services to the taxpayers (you) not to fix errors in judgment by your elected officials.

So far, the money pit has costs you, the taxpayer, an increase of more than $20,000 above the costs to manage the same department as it did in 2015.

Stop the drain on your tax dollars by calling your county legislator and tell him or her to vote no on hiring a consulting firm and say: Enough is Enough.

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr. – District 25