Moore Students Recognized as Respectful

Several students at Paul V. Moore High School were recently recognized for displaying the character trait of respect.

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Paul V. Moore students were recognized for displaying respectful character.

The students that were selected displayed the ability to show consideration for other people and modeled courteous and kind treatment of others.

“Respect helps to keep our building a great place to be,” said one teacher, Melissa Staats. “Congratulations to all for this honor.”

The following Central Square students were recognized for displaying respectful behavior:

Hannah Apri, Owen Davis, Grace Douglas, Aleah Duchano, Dillon Emory, Jake Essel, Caity Fuller, Amy Gardner, Brian Gibbons, Julianna Godici, John Gough, Christian Hall, Heather Halliday, Nicole Hardman, Aliie Hayes, Jack Hayner, Gabe Haywood, Zackery Humez, Jacob Kane, Brooke Kellison, James Keys, Justin Kingsley, Ricky Krause, Brogan Lauz, Alex LaValley, Bailey Lund, Phillip Miller, Christian Page, Connor Pete, Damon Pugh, Shaina Putman, Tyler Regal, Corey Seaman, Hunter Shaw, Olivia Shaw, Nick Sobotka, Nicolas Steven, Katelynn Swan, Dustin Sqizdor, Allen Tennant, Chelsie Thomas, Alex VanAntwerp, Andrew Webb, Mackenzie Webber, Joe Wiss, Max Yonkers and Hannah Cox.