More Highway Funds For County, Cities, Villages; Towns Hold Steady

There will be a few dollars more for highway repair projects this summer. The state’s CHIPS funding list is out. Oswego County and its cities and villages pick up a few — very few — extra dollars over last year.

The county’s share of CHIPS funding rose $1,604 over last year. It’s an increase of six one-hundredths of a percent from last year. The county will receive $2,707,337.

The city of Fulton will receive an extra $138, while Oswego’s city highway budget will be $1,272 higher.

The county’s villages all received boosts in aid that far exceeded the rate of increase seen in other areas.

Meantime, the county’s towns received almost exactly the same amount of highway aid that they got last year.

CHIPS funds are important because they make up a large part of a local government’s budget for fixing damaged roads.

“This year’s budget for the first time actually reduced state spending. It required tough decisions and across the board sacrifices,” Senator Ritchie said in a news release announcing the CHIPS funding levels. “I worked hard to make sure that our upstate communities were treated fairly. This appropriation insures that our local governments will be able to maintain our vital road network.”

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