More Support For Will Barclay

To The Editor:
I want to encourage people to support Will Barclay for Assembly in this upcoming election.

Will is a great representative.

Every time I have talked to him or his staff, I have found that my issues are addressed an am reminded again that he is fighting for this area.

Will is supportive of veterans.

He consistently comes to local veteran events around the area and has helped pass laws in Albany that do more for veterans.

As a veteran, I am thankful for his work for us.

We have such great wilderness in this region and Will has been a friend to ATV owners who just want to enjoy the outdoors through these great trail networks.

He has fought to keep these trails open and accessible when we have needed him to.

He is an advocate for the city of Fulton and most recently sponsored a bill that would help the city move forward with its lake cleanup.

If this is signed, it would open up more funding opportunities for Lake Neatahwanta and the city of Fulton.

I love my country, I love upstate, and I love my city and we need to have a representative in Albany who will fight for us here.

I hope you will join me in supporting Will Barclay once again for Assembly.

Lawrence E. Macner
Sixth Ward Common Councilor
City of Fulton

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  1. I like the changes in child support he favored. No license suspension for working parents that child support is being paid and collected from. In addition Areas may be recalculated based on actual income during the time areas were accumulated and based on the law.

    Thank You for Truth and Justice!

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