Most Improved Learner Award

A small reception was held at ARISE on August 18 to celebrate Chaz Barnes earning the “Most Improved Learner” award from Literacy Volunteers. The award is given to a basic adult learner who has accomplished more than anticipated in the area of reading, writing or technology skills in his or her first year of involvement with Literacy Volunteers.

Pictured are: Jineane Hanson, Chaz Barnes, Darcy Beers, and Anna Krzykowski

“Not only has Chaz improved his skills, but his self-confidence has grown as well,” said Paula Baker, Program Coordinator at Literacy Volunteers, as she presented the award.

Chaz started with Literacy Volunteers in November 2009 and he has already improved his reading by one grade level, an impressive accomplishment in such a short period of time. For over six months, Chaz has been meeting with his tutor, Alice Barry, to improve his literacy skills. Outside the literacy training sessions, his Residential Habilitation Integration Specialist, Anna Krzykowski, helped to reinforce the lessons and to make sure he had transportation to attend.

Chaz’s mother, Sharon, and brother, John, as well as his Medicaid Service Coordinator, Jineane Hanson, and Day Habilitation Coordinator, Darcy Beers all joined Chaz for the occasion.

The collaboration between Literacy Volunteers and ARISE as well as Chaz’s hard work and determination make this a real success.