MSA Holds Court, Lichty Seizes Thrown at Oswego

By – Chris Porter
Photos – Jim Feeney

Canadian, Mike Lichty was crowned  2011’s “King of Wings” (K.O.W.) Saturday night at the Oswego Speedway, winning the third annual 50-lap Midwest Supermodified Association (MSA) event. It was Litchty’s first supermodified win at the lakeside oval – one that earned him and the Reeds Salvage No. 8 team a $5,000 dollar check.

Starting seventh on the grid of 25 winged supers, Lichty waited seven laps to start making his jaunt to the front. Breaking into the top five on lap No. 9, Lichty maneuvered  his way around the Clyde Booth-owned No. 61 of Ted Christopher on the 12th lap to take over fourth. Teammate, Bobby Dawson – of South Amherst, Ohio – was next, as Lichty earned third one lap later.

Mike Lichty, King of Wings III – crowned Saturday night at the Oswego Speedway

He would need three laps to run down Oswego non-wing regular Randy Ritskes before overtaking the No. 88 for second place on the 17th lap. The Innerkip, Ontario native had made it up to the runner-up spot, but trailed race leader Tim Ice by well over a full straightaway.

However, Litchty and his No. 8 would soon make that deficit disappear. Ice’s lead shrank with every lap completed as Lichty zeroed in for an assault on the No. 77’s lead. With out the help of a caution flag, Lichty caught Ice at the halfway mark. He then stalked the race leader for two trips around Oswego’s five-eighths mile, before attacking the high side on their 27th circuit.

Lichty took to the outside of Ice entering turn No. 1, exiting turn No. 2 as the new race leader. The even remained caution-free the entire distance as Lichty negotiated lapped traffic with little trouble en route to the feature win.

“It’s a big win,” Lichty said of winning K.O.W. event. “There are a lot of cars that show up. I think there were 30 cars here today. It’s a pretty historical event now, three years running. It would’ve been nice obviously to have got the big check, the 10 grand, that first year. We ran third here that year. The second year, last year, we had some issues but we had a pretty decent car.”

“I just decided to stick with the ISMA deal with our cars because we’re running (Johnny) Benson in the second car full time,” Lichty continued. “Craig gave me the opportunity to run the MSA. Hey, this is cool. To come here and win, win at Oswego with them after the troubles they had earlier in the season not finding speed in the car, this means a lot.”

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Seville, Ohio’s Ice and Oswego’s own Ritskes led the 25-car field to the green to begin the highly anticipated main event. Ice nabbed the point as the duo headed into the first turn, leading Ritskes, Dawson, Christopher and Jeff Locke to the completion of lap No. 1.

Having finished second twice in the annual event, Ice set out to finally put the May Motorsports No. 77 in victory lane. Just 10 laps in, Ice was heading into traffic with a full straightaway lead over the field. Ice continued to cruise unchallenged while behind him, Lichty was methodically making his way towards the front.

It wasn’t the lapped traffic that caused Ice to watch Lichty’s machine shoot past him on the 27th lap. The Reed’s Salvage No. 8 simply appeared to be on a rail, as just as quickly as it approached Ice, it drove away from him.

Though Ice was watching the No. 8 set like the sun in the distance before him, he still held half a lap’s advantage over the third-place battle between Ritskes, Dawson and Raveena, Ohio’s Trent Stephens.

Having started eighth, Independence, Ohio’s Tim Jedrzejek began to make some noise on the 30th lap. After overtaking Connecticut’s NASCAR Modified star, Christopher on lap No. 32,  Jedrzejek then hounded MSA’s current championship points leader, Stephens, for two laps before taking over fourth.

Two laps later, Jedrzejek put the Soule Racing No. 32 around Dawson for third. And three trips later, Ritskes lost second to the surging No. 32 in turn No.1.

With 10 rounds to go, Lichty held a commanding 20-car length lead over Ice. Jedrzejek had the No. 32 flying, but time, nor the slowing of the race via a caution flag would offer any assistance.

Lichty’s lead allowed for him to take his time through heavy lapped traffic in the waning laps, racing underneath the checkered flag with plenty of room to spare.

MSA 50-lap King of Wings top 3 (left to right) Tim Ice (2nd), Mike Lichty (1st) & Tim Jedrzejek (3rd)

For the third straight year, Ice crossed the line in second.

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Jedrzejek earned the Soule Racing No. 32 its first podium finish at the Oswego Speedway since Nokie Fornoro drove it into victory lane in 2005.

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Stephens drove the ACME Racing No. 19 to a fourth-place finish.

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Ritskes was Oswego’s highest finishing non-wing weekly driver, landing the Daratt Farms No. 88 in fifth.

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Finishing sixth, Dawson was pleased with both his and teammate Lichty’s run.

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Gaining much attention for earning the ninth fastest lap in time trials with a time of just 15.876 seconds, supermodified rookie Dave Danzer raced his No. 52 winged super to a 13th-place finish.

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Third Annual King of Wings MSA 50: 1. Mike Lichty (8), 2. Tim Ice (7), 3. Tim Jedrzejek (32), 4. Trent Stephens (19), 5. Randy Ritskes (88), 6. Bobby Dawson (28), 7. Ted Christopher (61), 8. Charlie Schultz (7), 9. Lou Cicconi (49), 10. Jeff Locke (37), 11. Moe Lilje (08), 12. Joe Gosek (00), 13. Dave Danzer (52), 14. Bobby Bond (25), 15. Stephen Gioia, III (9), 16. Otto Sitterly (6), 17. Mark Sammut (78), 18. Bobby Magner (40), 19. Pat Lavery (22), 20. Tim Snyder (0), 21. Ray Graham, Jr. (90), 22. Jim Paller (64), 23. Ed Witkum, Jr. (97), 24. David Gruel (50), 25. Andy Noto

Consi: 1. Tim Snyder (0), 2. David Gruel (50), 3. Pat Lavery (22), 4. Mark Sammut (78), 5. Andy Noto (48), 6. Kody Graham (91), 7. Ed Witkum, Jr. (97), 8. Jim Paller (64), 9. Dave McKnight, Jr. (70), 10. Chris Deritis (66), 11. Brian Sobus (79)

Heat #1: 1. Dawson (28), 2. Schultz (7), 3. Ice (77), 4. R. Graham (90), 5. Bond (25), 6. Danzer (52), 7. Snyder (0), 8. McKnight (70), 9. Deritis (66), 10. Paller (64)

Heat #2: 1. Ritskes (88), 2. Stephens (19), 3. Lilje (08), 4. Mike Lichty (8), 5. Gosek (00), 6. Gioia (9), 7. Gruel (50), 8. C. Graham (91), 9. Noto (48), 10. Sobus (79)

Heat #3: 1. Christopher (61), 2. Cicconi (49), 3. Jeff Locke (37), 4. Jedrzejek (32), 5. Sitterly (7), 6. Magner (40), 7. Lavery (22), 8. Sammut (78), 9. Witkum, Jr. (97)

Time Trials (top 10): 1. Sitterly (6) – 15.368, 2. Trent Stephens (19) – 15.564, 3. Graham (90) – 15.612, 4. Cicconi (49) – 15.789, 5. Gosek (00) – 15.809, 6. Schultz (7) – 15.840, 7. Jedrzejek (32) – 15,854, 8. Lichty (8) – 15.870, 9. Danzer (52) – 15.876, 10. Locke (37) – 15.889

Paul White’s crash in the Steve Miller No. 16 photos below

In practice, Paul White lost a left-side wheel on the Steve Miller No. 16. (Photo – Chris Porter)

With the wheel heading for the tops of the trees, White heads for the wall. (Photo – Chris Porter)

The foam can only absorb so much as the No. 16 wallops the wall between turns 1 & 2. (Photo – Chris Porter)

White was OK, but the Miller No. 16 was OFN. (Photo – Chris Porter)