My Daughter’s Path

I’m overwhelmingly proud of my daughter Elaina’s accomplishments. She had a few hurdles to get over along the way, but she dealt with them and moved on. On Nov.13, 2004 her brother, my son, was killed on the eve of receiving his BA in Electrical Engineering at SUNY Utica. A three time drunk driver at 5:15 AM on his way to work took his life and change our lives forever. Elaina was in the middle of finals at Syracuse University at the time.. I was on disability retirement and a single parent. We depended on this boy a great deal in many ways. My concerns for Elaina were high in light of her brothers death, they were extremely close. Elaina showed unbelievable courage and went on to graduate the following spring as a Dual Major in the Class of 2005 with a Bachelor’s in Policy Studies / Public Affairs and BS in Biology. Then Elaina was off to Dublin, Ireland that summer for her internship. From there to Boston’s Children Hospital as a Senior Research Assistant. Working her way along like her brother Shamus did. Elaina found herself attending one of our country’s best Ivy League schools, Columbia University What more could a Father ask of his kids.
Your Brother and I will be there in spirit and Flesh, for Graduation Day on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011.

Your Proud Father