Neighborhood Watch – Oswego’s Vanguard

OSWEGO, NY – The motto of the Oswego Community Neighborhood Watch Program is “We look out for each other.”

It’s just that simple, according to coordinator Betty Gray.

At a recent meeting from left are coordinator Betty Gray, Karen Wallace, Lt. Thomas Nicholson and Pat Benjamin.
At a recent meeting from left are coordinator Betty Gray, Karen Wallace, Lt. Thomas Nicholson and Pat Benjamin.

“Neighborhood Watch and caring for our citizens, neighborhoods and community is everyone’s responsibility to help our city prosper and return to safety for all,” she said. “Don’t turn your back, don’t ignore the damage being done, don’t just ignore intrusive behavior and disturbances going on in your neighborhood or anyone else’s.”

Neighborhood Watch is a national organization founded to help residents to be part of the creative solution, she added.

Everyone is urged to attend the meetings held at the Oswego Public Library downstairs.

The next meeting is Sept. 22, from 6 to 8 p.m.

“Two sets of eyes and ears are better then one and we all need to use them to restore our city to the beauty and comfortable place to live in it used to be and what we deserve,” Gray said. “That is what Neighborhood Watch is all about. Help our city police to help us.”

At the last Oswego Community Neighborhood Watch meeting, held downstairs at the Oswego City Public Library, several interested and active citizens spoke out concerning intrusive, disruptive negative behavior taking place in their neighborhoods.

With Gray and Oswego Police lieutenant Thomas Nicholson leading the meeting, complaints were voiced by west side and east side residents.

Suggestions for action were offered and discussions ensued regarding the best solutions to address these problems, Gray noted.

The Oswego Community Neighborhood Watch Program is selling raffle tickets for $1 each.

If you want to get involved and help out, call Gray at 342-9338 or e-mail [email protected]

The drawing will be Sept. 16 at the farmers’ market.

If any suspicious activity is going on, please call the police at 343-1212, in case of an emergency – call 911. When neighbors need help, pay attention and let the police know. You can also contact me at 342-9388,” Gray said. “This program is up to us, as concerned citizens, to respect others.”

For more information, visit www.oswegocommunityneighborhoodwatchprogram.webs.com