Neighborhood Watch Program To Expand

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego Community Neighborhood Watch Program continues to grow.

It has been up and running for a few years now, mostly on the east side of the Port City.

However, some residents of the First Ward have expressed an interest in finding out more about how the program works, according to Councilor Connie Cosemento.

“Our next meeting is going to be Jan. 26 at the Oswego Library, 120 E. Second St. in the conference room down stairs from 6 to 8 p.m.,” said Betty Gray, neighborhood watch coordinator. “I appreciate anybody coming.”

Oswego Police Lt. Thomas Nicholson will be speaking about the Oswego Community Neighborhood Watch Program and how you can start it in your neighborhood and what to do and the police can do, she explained.

“The program is working,” Gray said. “People are interested in finding out about it and what they can do. We’re getting a lot of phone calls.”

If anyone would like to start a program on their block, it is very simple to do, she said.

“Anyone who’s interested in starting a neighborhood watch should come to our next meeting,” Gray said. “You will see how it works. Everybody is welcome throughout the whole city of Oswego; because this is up to the citizens of Oswego to join together to make our city a safer place to live in.”

“I have had a few calls from residents of my ward requesting information on how to start up a neighborhood watch program,” said Cosemento. “I thank Ms Gray very much for setting up this meeting.

Also, people can donate their cans and bottles for the neighborhood watch program, Gray added.

They can drop them off at the River View Exchange, 214 W. Seneca St., or the Can-o-Lot at 83 E. Seventh St., she explained.

“Please let them know you are donating them for the Neighborhood Watch program and please give your name so I know who has donated them and can thank everybody,” she said.

The group’s website is


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  2. The bottle and can is going to end Febuary 28,2010 for the Oswego Community Neighborhood Watch Program. I encourage everyone that would like to donate and help the neighborhood watch please do it before the end of Feb.Thank You, Coordinator Betty Gray.

  3. The Oswego Community Neighborhood Watch Program Fundraiser. The tickets are a $1.00 each. The drawing will be Sept.16,2010 at the Farm Market. No need to be present to win. Our program is working great please help our program. This is an important program and easy to do all we need is your eyes and ears from our citizens in the community and letting the police know what is going on in your neighborhood and throught out the city.

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