Neighborhood Watch To Meet Tuesday

OSWEGO, NY -  The next meeting of the Oswego Neighborhood Watch group will be Tuesday night.

The meeting will be held from 6 – 8 p.m. in the Oswego Library’s community room.

It’s going to be an open public meeting for people to come and speak.


  1. We have a “neighborhood watch” around the corner from me. It’s a joke and waste of time! I had an $8,000 ATV walk stolen out of my garage and noone saw anything…so much for watching out for neighbors. Don’t waste your time with these meetings.

  2. I was wondering how I could get ahold of the neighborhood watch president or someone in charge?

    (Try calling Betty Gray at 342-9388)

  3. The Oswego community neighborhood watch program is working and it is going strong. All we need is your eyes and ears and report suspicious/criminal activity to the police. We, as a community can use those qualities to help identify, deter and reduce crime in your neighborhood.

  4. I would like the citizens in Oswego know that the Neighborhood Watch Program is working. It is going strong and the community is joining togather. It is great that the people are getting the word out to. That’s all we ask is to be aware of your surrounding and keep your eyes and ears open and call the police. This is what helps out a lot.

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