Neighbors Reshaping Fulton One Block at a Time

To The Editor:
Dear Fulton Block Builder supporters, the work is done, and the numbers are in!

Time for a 2019 Recap!

2019 was the BEST year yet for the Fulton Block Builder program.

More than a half a million dollars was invested in Fulton’s participating properties!

For every dollar invested by Fulton Block Builders, property owners invested 3.7 times that amount.

FBB supported 216 properties, the highest number to date and we took a chance on our first business.

They matched FBB $3.5 to $1.

Thank you, Brewer & Brewer, for demonstrating your pride!

Confidence is growing in the city and it once again makes sense for residents to invest.

FBB promotes pride of property ownership, incentivizes resident investment, and breaks the disinvestment cycle by reconnecting neighbors to each another.

Since Fulton Block Builders started, participating property owners have invested $1,274,845.


Neighbors Reshaping Fulton One Block at a Time

FBB approved 21 distinct blocks and 216 properties for grants in 2019.

Blocks where it is possible to reimagine and grow our community’s capacity to return to high standards, to exhibit pride, and to become civically re-engaged.

From the start of the Fulton Block Builder project we witnessed pride and community engagement.

In 2019, FBB increased the number of business donations and raised $67,081

FBB doubled the number of personal donations, raising $3,093

The Richard S. Shineman Foundation matched the fundraising 2-to-1. $140,000

Since FBB started, the Shineman Foundation has invested $340,000. Wow!

FBB launched its first year in 2017. Since that time residents and businesses have donated $186,362 for the Block Challenge programs. Wow again!

• Since the start, FBB has awarded 596 Block Challenge grants
• Cumulatively 23 landlords have improved 29 properties since FBB’s start
• 35 properties have taken advantage of the historical color palettes in Paint Fulton
• Pride Grants were introduced in 2019. As a result, a local church received tender loving care and a neighborhood has welcoming lamp lighting
• In 2019, the highest percentage of owners completed their projects
• 84% of participants completed projects by the deadline of October 31, 2019. Reasons for non-completion included; competing financial needs, illness and/or death and overburdened contractors
• Property owners invested 3.7 times the FBB reimbursement. This is up from 3.5% in 2018 and 3% in 2017
• Confidence is building!
Neighbors Reshaping Fulton One Block at a Time
• In 2019 owners invested $547,420 dollars in exterior improvements to their Fulton city properties; up from $468,465 in 2018 and even further from $258,030 in 2017
• Loads of block parties have occurred to celebrate the block’s successes
• Fulton continues to be noticed by other cities and was asked to share FBB information during the year
• FBB, ORA and the Shineman Foundation presented at the NYS Funders Conference in Albany. The presentation was entitled: How Funders Can Support a Legacy City Revitalization Initiative that WORKS

The work of Fulton Block Builders has earned Fulton national attention! AARP Purpose Prize Fellow was awarded to Linda Eagan.

The AARP Purpose Prize is the only national award that celebrates people 50-plus who are using their life experience to create social change.

I share this award with everyone that
has made FBB possible!

• Fulton Block Builders was featured in the Oswego Business Magazine in both 2018 and 2019 for the transformative work FBB is bringing about
• CenterState CEO Foundation partnered with FBB and now serves as the fiscal agent taking a huge burden off the volunteers.
• 19 volunteers served, plus 21 Block Leaders worked hard all spring and summer
• Countless Volunteer hours have been completed
• Local businesses are reporting increased sales and participants are “keeping it local”
• Involvement in the city is being demonstrated in many ways – 4 candidates ran for the office of Mayor
• Three of the six council seats were challenged
• 43% of the eligible voters cast their ballots in 2019. Up from 29% in the last mayoral election in 2015
• Voices are being heard, community activism is being exhibited and pride is being displayed

Fulton’s history is being preserved.

Hard work and inspiration are unstoppable.

Residents across the city have come together to demonstrate community engagement and

Improving and supporting life for all members in our city.

Families are changing their plans to move; instead they are, investing in their homes and committing to stay in Fulton.

All participants and volunteers are reporting increased hope and pride.

Watch our new video at:

These are exciting times for our city and I’m thrilled you are all part of it.

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Oh, and by the way…. The Richard S. Shineman Foundation has notified FBB of its continued support for this project in 2020.

They are once again matching our fundraising 2-to-1.

The foundation has approved $150,000 for 2020, providing Fulton Block Builders can raise $75,000.

Huge thanks to the Shineman Foundation for its confidence and support! FBB also thanks all the businesses, civic groups and individuals that make the match possible.

Without everyone coming together for this common cause these successes would not be possible!

Thank you all!

Linda Eagan
Administrative Director

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