Nestles Property Set To Be Demolished For No Cost to the City

Former Nestles site of Fulton.

FULTON – At a public hearing held on October 20, the Fulton City Council announced the winning bid in the demolition of the former Nestles property.

Former Nestles site of Fulton.
Former Nestles site of Fulton.

Infinity Enterprises submitted the winning bid, offering to do all the demolition work for no cost to the city, only salvage rights to everything on the property.

“They are working for the repurposing value of anything on that property, they have sole salvage rights,” said Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward, Sr.

Infinity Enterprises will begin working to demolish and salvage a large majority of the 24-acre lot that remains of the former Nestles site bordered by South Fourth Street, Fay Street, South Seventh Street and Burt Street.

The other bid on the job came in at more than $2 million not including prevailing wages, and more than $3 million including prevailing wages.

The demolition comes with hope that prospected buyers will find more interest in the site.

Former Nestles site of Fulton.
Former Nestles site of Fulton.

Aldi has previously shown interest in a portion of the area and many residents are hopeful that the supermarket chain will soon find its way to Fulton.

However, Aldi is not the only addition that the former Nestles site has the potential to hold.

“Aldi is still interested in the site,” said Woodward. “They are only talking about using 2 acres of the entire 24 acre lot.”

While that leaves a lot of site left unused, Woodward ensures that there are other interested parties whose names can not be released yet.

Previously, the city had sold Building #30 and the connected parking lot to Gary E. Spring of Spring Storage Park for $100,000.

The council also addressed a zone change for these properties from a M-1 manufacturing property to a C-2 commercial property to accommodate the owner’s plans of running a U-Haul business and warehousing.


  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to gather up everything not wanted by Infinity and haul it to Mexico and dump it in their parking lot. I don’t and will not buy any of their products. Buy MARS now

  2. The starting date is not exactly known yet. It is up to Infinity Enterprises, but Mayor Woodward did note during our interview that Infinity was working on getting the proper paperwork and certification in to begin asbestos removal.

  3. It seems to me that a start and finish date should have been in the bid process ….but then again this is Fulton and it is always a guessing game….well does anyone else feel we should have known this before the bid was accepted…

  4. The sooner, the better. This is an eyesore for the people living near Nestles, like myself. Also, does anybody know why they re-sealed the parking lot near South 4th Street? To me, that’s money wasted, unless that building isn’t coming down…

  5. That parking lot was sold along with Building #30, the link is referenced in the article above with more information. It is being used for the purpose of a U-Haul business and warehousing.

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