New Audible Pedestrian Signals Installed In Fulton

FULTON – Eight new audible pedestrian signals have been installed in Fulton to increase pedestrian safety for people with visual impairments.

The signals are at the intersection of Route 3/Route 48 and at the corner of Route 481 and Oneida Street.

Audible pedestrian signals are specialized crossing devices that provide visual, tactile, and audio cues.

When the button with the raised arrow is pressed, a steady sound starts beeping. Once it is safe to cross, the beeping sound becomes faster as the crossing sign lights up.

The new signals were installed by the New York State Department of Transportation in response to advocacy by the Vision Network.

ARISE and the Vision Network are grateful for the support provided by the DOT for this project.

Within the last two years, audible pedestrian signals were installed in the city of Oswego along Bridge Street. They have proven to make the crossing of these busy streets safer.

ARISE has been a proud member of the Vision Network for several years as the group focuses on many topics that concern people with limited vision, including pedestrian safety.

It is the goal of the committee, which is made up of people with vision loss, disability advocates, and representatives from senior services and transportation organizations, to increase community inclusion for persons with vision loss.

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  1. Did they install one at The intersection of Rt 48 and Oneida St on the West Side of the lower bridge? It is a very dangerous intersection for walkers.

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