New chapter books arrive at Oswego Public Library

Submitted by Edward Elsner, Librarian
OSWEGO – New chapter books have arrived at the Oswego Public Library in time for fall weekends and school vacations.

We were the first library in the North Country Library System,, to get these titles!

New series books arrive
New series books arrive

Yes, that’s Jack and Annie in color in a special edition of Mummies in the Morning, the third book in the Magic Tree House series.

On the opposite side is the first book in the Young Houdini series where Harry works with his two best friends to find his mentor and solve the mystery of The Magician’s Fire.

In the middle is Starfire, the first book in The Guardian of the Herd series.

This new series features a herd of Pegasus, flying horses, and a very rare black foal.

Above these three books is the second title in the Mister Max trilogy, The Book of Secrets.

Cynthia Voigt stretches her skills writing this largely comic mystery.

The fourth book set in the magical miniature room of the Art Institute of Chicago is entitled The Secret of the Key.

Enjoy one or all of these marvels!

The Zoo at the Edge of the World is not part of a series, but it was originally a play.

In it Marlin, who has a severe stutter, can talk to the animals even though he cannot talk to people.

New sports book also arrived
New sports book also arrived

Many sports books have been added to our collection in the Children’s Room including a first novel by Derek Jeter and the latest book by Tim Green.

Both Jeter’s The Contract and The Frog Who Croaked, the first mystery in the Platypus Police Squad, take place in Kalamazoo.

Rookie detective Rick Zango and his grizzled PPS partner Corey O’Malley investigate a teacher’s disappearance amid the opening of a new football stadium.

This is a fictional Kalamazoo while The Contract is based on a real story and place.

The Crossover is a novel in poems and captures the power and artistry of basketball while showing dedication, loyalty, loss and redemption in a family of athletes and education.

Hidden in the middle is First Team by Green where Brock tries to fit in both on and off the field as the football season unspools.

Pennyroyal Academy is a grand fantasy adventure in a kingdom at war.

Evie learns to be a princess in this Grimm fairy tale world and princesses have to fight.

Librarian Edward Elsner’s favorite is Moldylocks and the Three Beards.

This chapter book is illustrated, in color, throughout and includes great asides in cartoon speech bubbles.

Will the girls survive falling asleep in the Three Beards house or will the end up being eaten, along with the spiders, in a giant pot of chili?