New District Creates Opportunity

By Assemblyman Will Barclay
A new map and a new district number has been assigned to the area I represent in the State Assembly.

new legislative lines were drawn after the 2010 Census
new legislative lines were drawn after the 2010 Census

These changes will take effect in January but some of you may notice a difference at the voting booth next month.

Last year, new legislative lines were drawn after the 2010 Census.

Every 10 years, by law, the state must readjust its district lines after the Census is completed.

As a result of the redistricting, I am sorry to report that I will no longer represent Camillus, Elbridge, Marcellus, Jordan or Skaneateles.

I’ve enjoyed working closely with community members and local representatives in all of these towns and villages. I’ve gotten to know the area and concerns there and I will miss being of service to people there.

There have been a number of projects and community events throughout my tenure that I was happy to be a part. Whether it was a letter needed in support of a local fire department’s need for funding, or passing legislation to assist local governments, or being available to listen to residents’ concerns, I was pleased to be of assistance and brought many of your voices with me to Albany.

I am confident Assemblyman Gary Finch will represent the area well.  His district will now encompass these areas of Onondaga County.

I  look forward to representing almost all of Oswego County beginning in 2013.

Assemblyman Bob Oaks will continue to represent Hannibal, Minetto and the Town of Oswego.

I look forward to continuing to work with him, as well as Sen. Patty Ritchie on representing the area.

I am happy Lysander in Onondaga County will remain a part of my district as well.

They’ve done a remarkable job bringing tourists to the area with the Carp Tournament and revitalizing their canal in recent years.

The newly created district will also include the southern-most part of Jefferson County, just north of Oswego County, which includes Ellisburg and the Seaway Trail.

There are many issues that my office is already focused on such as tourism, job creation, health service for rural residents, lowering property taxes, reducing regulations on small businesses, and being a partner with farming that also affect Ellisburg.

I’ve also been a friend to sportsmen and ATV riders and believe these are gateways to preserving our heritage as well as our environment.

My new district will also include Central Square, Phoenix, Palermo, Schroeppel, Hastings, West Monroe, Constantia, Amboy, much of Oneida Lake, Williamstown, Parish, Orwell, Boylston, Sandy Creek and Redfield.

I’m pleased I will be able to work more closely with these communities, as many of the same concerns in my current district are shared by my new territories.

It will take a little time to get to know some of the new territories as my own, but growing up in Pulaski and being involved with many county functions has given me a good start.

I’m looking forward to the challenge of meeting many new faces and continuing to be a voice for the region.

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