New Members of Royal Arch Masons

PULASKI – Four new companions completed the Royal Arch Degree on Wednesday (Feb. 9), at Pulaski Masonic Temple.

The four new companions are George A. Laird III, Edward L. Lenonard, Kenneth W. Sweet Jr. and William Pittsley.

The members of Pulaski Temple served the large gathering of Royal Arch Masons a ham dinner before the degree.

The Royal Arch is the final degree of required of a Royal Arch Mason.

Pulaski Masonic Temple.
Ceremony conducted at Pulaski Masonic Temple.

It requires a large cast and involved members several chapters from the Twelfth Capitular District Royal Arch Masons.

Participating in the degree were George A. Reed, Brian Candee, John Voetelink, Allen Boyce, Harold Cota, John Covell, Thomas Sawyer Harry Frazier, John Congdon, James Howard, Allen Downing, C. Richard Trust and David Constable.

District Deputy Grand High Priest David Constable welcomed the new companions to Royal Arch membership.

Constable welcomed the new District Deputy Grand High Priest Richard C. Fowler as his final appearance in Pulaski.