New ministry in Fulton plans Easter Sunday service

FULTON, NY – Lakeside Christian Ministries, a new faith-based ministry organization in the Fulton area, will host an Easter Sunday service in the community room at the Fulton Municipal Building on South First Street at 9:30 am on April 20.

The service is open to all.

There will be light refreshments, a mix of traditional and modern music, and an uplifting message.

Longtime Fulton resident Chuck Copps, one of the organizers of Lakeside Christian Ministries, is finishing up his course work this year through Rockbridge Seminary.

“As the end of my studies draws near, the time has come to put my learning into practice and serve those in need in the greater Fulton area,” he said.

Founded by Chuck, his wife, Betsy, and Jerry and Bridgette Seguin, along with encouragement and support from others in the local faith community, the mission of Lakeside Christian Ministries is to live as Jesus lived, love as Jesus loved, and serve as Jesus served so that God may be glorified and those in need may be helped.

“We strive to live the Christian Gospel through following and promoting the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ and to be recognized and identified as real people loving a real God,” Copps said.

“LCM is more than a church, and definitely not church as usual,” said Jerry Seguin. “We are confident that God has exciting things planned for this area and we are excited to be a part of that plan.”

LCM recently began holding weekly worship services in members’ homes on Sunday evenings.

They also gather during the week to pray, share meals and strengthen their relationships with other people and with God.

LCM intends to carry out its mission through charitable actions that will aid poor and needy persons living in the greater Fulton area who are in need of food, clothing, and shelter by providing such individuals with food and clothing, or helping them connect with other organizations that can help.

“We’re already helping meet hunger needs by supplying non-perishable food and personal care items to local food pantries and filling and handing out ‘blessing bags’ with enough to sustain a person for a day or two. Future plans include volunteering at local soup kitchens and food distributions, and preparing fresh meals for individuals, families and groups,” Copps said.

Both the Copps and the Seguins also welcome opportunities to serve as guest speakers at group meetings, church events and retreats.

LCM currently has a Facebook page, LakesideCMFulton

To contact Lakeside Christian Ministries, call 315-806-9815 or email [email protected]