New On OswegoCountyToday: News About Your Milestones


Look down there.  There.  Follow the little red arrow.  See it?  Good!

A brand new section of news, starting today.

Your Milestones is about you, your family and your important moments.  It’s your chance to let us help celebrate a birthday or anniversary, help spread the word about an engagement, give someone proper credit for a graduation or a promotion.

We’ve made it super easy for you to use us to spread your news.  Follow the blue arrow this time.  See those new links at the top of the page?  Click the one that fits.  You’ll be taken to a simple form.  Fill it out, and make sure to add a great photo.  Click the submit button and that’s it!

We’ll edit your submission and post it, usually within the same day.

As with all of our stories, people will be able to post their congratulations and kind comments right there with your item.  It can make a nice keepsake of a special day.

We’ve always wanted to be able to provide this service, but our content publishing system didn’t have a way for you to get your news into our system without making lots more work for us.  Because all of the content you see on the website is posted by just two people — Steve Yablonski and me — we couldn’t add anything else to our workload.

But now, our content system has a new method for letting you post your own stuff.  So, go get’em!

While I’m on the subject, notice the link in that list of content you can submit, the link that says “Event”.

We’ve never had a good Community Calendar system.  In fact, we’ve never had one at all.  We never found one that we liked, which would also let the public submit their own events. There’s finally one that will do everything we need it to do.

Please feel free to begin posting your community events there.  We’ll soon have it listed on our home page.  We’re nearly done with the work we need to do on it, but it’s in good working order for the public, so it’s time to get it going.