New Oswego County group hopes to shine light on the positive health activities in community

With reports from some health groups saying Oswego County ranks last in New York State in health behaviors, including smoking, obesity, excessive drinking, and inactivity, and in the bottom half of the state for other health indicators such as access to health care and social and economic factors, some community groups feel it is time to raise awareness and highlight the positive efforts being made in the community.

Recognizing Oswego County (ROC) pulls together members from Cayuga Community College, Tobacco Free Network of Oswego County, Oswego County Youth Bureau, SUNY Oswego Lifestyles Center, Oswego County Probation, County of Oswego Council on Alcoholism and Addictions, Catholic Charities of Oswego, and Farnham Family Services to focus on community awareness for healthier, more positive communities in Oswego County.

“Our hope is to create social and environmental change through positive campaigns and recognition of the people and organizations in our community who are actively making a difference in the life and well-being of Oswego County residents,” said Pat Powers-Burdick, ROC co-chair and Cayuga Community College Fulton Campus interim director of Student Development.

The group intends to solicit nominations of exceptional individuals or organizations working to improve the community relating to a given topic each month. The group hopes to use its recognition efforts as a platform for prevention. For example, for February, ROC is seeking nominations of individuals or organizations that are making efforts to increase physical activity in the winter months by offering indoor programming.

Nominations can range from a mom in a neighborhood who transforms her basement into a makeshift space to host indoor soccer matches to a company who hosts a mid-afternoon exercise break in the coffee lounge to a yoga studio who offers specials to introduce more people to that activity. Champions will be recognized with a certificate of appreciation and a public announcement of their efforts.

“Our hope is to showcase the wide range of things people can do for themselves and their community to improve overall health,” said Abby Jenkins, ROC co-chair and program coordinator for Tobacco Free Network of Oswego County.

To nominate a person or group for recognition for February, contact Pat Powers-Burdick at 315-592-4143, ext. 3010, or Abby Jenkins at [email protected] or 315-343-2344, ext. 21. Or post to Recognizing Oswego County’s Facebook page wall. Nominations are due by Monday, February 11.

The group has established a Facebook Page: The page highlights good news from the community as well as upcoming events and activities community members can participate in.