New Parking Rules Increase Safety at Kiwanis Park

FULTON, NY – Most attendees of baseball games at Kiwanis Park in Fulton have had issues with parking from time to time. Previously, on the blocks of South Seventh Street between Fay Street and the park “No Parking 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.” signs marked the street.

At the June 19 Common Council meeting it was brought to the attention of Mayor Ron Woodward and the councilors that now with games taking place in the evenings not only are residents’ driveways blocked, but cars parking on South Seventh Street pose a threat to the children heading to and from the park.

“It creates a dangerous situation,” said Mayor Woodward. “I don’t like to see (parking) happen on the street because I don’t like the kids coming up behind the cars.”

Mayor Woodward announced at Tuesday’s Common Council meeting a code change would go into effect and “No Parking” signs will replace the previous signs.

“We’ve been working on this since day one,” said Fourth Ward Councilor Carm Cavallaro, who spearheaded the project since Kiwanis Park is in the Fourth Ward. “I’d like to thank the mayor and Lieutenant Delano. We did studies all last year and what’s happening is everybody realized that this has really grown so much since Kiwanis started.”

Councilor Cavallaro reminded everyone at the meeting that even with the safety issue, too many cars at Kiwanis is not that bad of a problem to have since it means people are involved with the program.

“To see all these young girls and boys,” said Cavallaro. “They’ve got their heart right into the game. It’s amazing that the only reason why we’re having problems is because the parents aren’t just dropping them off – they’re parking their car and watching all these games, watching all their kids play. And that is fantastic.”

Both the mayor and Councilor Cavallaro expressed that the city is looking into buying more land to expand the parking situation at Kiwanis and improve the current parking area.

“It makes me so proud to see something like this is Fulton.” Cavallaro said. “It has grown and I really want to thank all the coaches.”