New Redhawk University Program Welcomes Community

CENTRAL SQUARE – The Central Square School District has introduced an exciting free community workshop series this school year, called Redhawk University.

This program is designed to inform the public about topics and issues that directly impact students and the community at large.

Redhawk University is a monthly series of workshop presentations, running from September through May, that will be free to the community and will include guest speakers, along with other professionals to discuss relevant topics.

Redhawk University runs for approximately one hour, each slated from 7 until 8 p.m.

Paul V. Moore High School will host these events, with light refreshments and door prizes being provided.

Damon Villnave, Dean of Students at Paul V. Moore, was one of the originators of Redhawk University and continues to stress the importance of bringing this program to the District, adding, “As we continue to be a progressive district, the district noticed that there were certain trends that were happening with our students. With those trends happening, we feel it is important that we educate the parents/guardians of the district to help better serve our students. We chose particular topics that have the most relevancy with today’s issues.”

The next installment of the series will be held on October 17, highlighting social media awareness and internet safety.

Jamey Locastro, the school’s new Special Patrol Officer will present, drawing on his vast experience on the subject as Sergeant with both the Syracuse Police Department and the United States Army.

For a full listing of Redhawk University Workshops, please visit