New Software at The Manor Assists Patients with Swallowing

OSWEGO – The residents and rehabilitation patients at The Manor at Seneca Hill are benefiting from a new software program that assists those who suffer from swallowing disorders or dysphagia.

Melissa Beatrice
Melissa Beatrice

Synchrony, a virtual reality-assisted biofeedback system, allows The Manor’s residents and patients to visualize swallowing activities in real time.

This capability helps The Manor’s Speech Language Pathologist Melissa Beatrice evaluate the quality of a swallow to guide therapeutic intervention, while monitoring treatment progress.

The system also enables patients to participate in fun, game-like interactive activities, which help keep them motivated and interested their rehabilitation.

Beatrice said she is seeing impressive results since Synchrony was installed last spring.

“It’s been incredible,” she said. “This fun, interactive program is very motivating and is providing these individuals with a better quality of life.”

According to Beatrice, the very visual program further provides better patient documentation, offers patient specific data and allows the patient to see their own improvement.

Beatrice added that she has been pleased that her patients with dementia are also seeing positive results using the software.

Most of Beatrice’s patients use the software for 45 minutes three times per week.

One of her patients with more challenging symptoms was able to have her feeding tube removed and with her improved quality of life, was able to return home.

Community members can see the new program in action by visiting: