New Tradition Brings Graduating Seniors Back to Where It All Began

Photo credit: Rebecca Trevett
Graduating seniors walk the halls of their former elementary school exchanging high fives with current students.

FULTON, NY – A new tradition began this year as the G. Ray Bodley graduating class of 2016 traveled back to the elementary school where they began their education and walked the halls in their cap and gown.

The students returned to their former elementary school, either Granby, Lanigan, Fairgrieve or Volney, where they began a stroll down memory lane.

Better yet, the graduates were surrounded by young elementary students watching in awe as their older classmates exemplified their future.

The young students lined the halls, awaiting high fives and hugs from the graduating seniors and in some cases, getting the first glimpse at the anticipated final outcome of the many years of schooling that are yet to come.

“The senior walk is to show that continuum of education, to show our younger students what it’s like. We really want to connect that goal of graduation and make it real for them,” said GRB Assistant Principal, Amy Stephenson.

Students that entered the Fulton City School District after elementary school and foreign exchange students were also able to participate in the senior walk and were able to pick which school they were going to walk through. Many had siblings or relatives in one of the elementary schools, so they choose to go there, said Stephenson.

The students then walked through the Fulton Junior High School where they continued to reminisce and spread inspiration to younger students.

“It was really great,” said Stephenson of the senior walk’s first year. “The students all enjoyed and the teachers too enjoyed seeing their former students.”

Superintendent of Schools, Bill Lynch was able to attend the senior walk’s first year at FCSD in his last year with the district as he prepares for retirement at the end of the school year.

“It was great,” he said. “I thanked the graduates because they were just so enthusiastic. It was really two things, for being role models to the younger students in our district and for being so thankful and appreciative for the teachers and staff who worked with them at those levels. It was such a positive experience for everyone.”

The senior walk is a new tradition that will continue with each graduating class in years to come.

To see more pictures and videos from the senior walk, visit the Fulton City School district Facebook page.

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  1. Wonderful new tradition! Inspiring to future graduates and rewarding & memorable for the present graduates! Well done Fulton City School District!

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