New Vision Allied Health Students Participate In Oswego County S.A.F.E. Fair

OSWEGO – Students from the New Vision Allied Health program took part in the Oswego County Substance Awareness Family Education (S.A.F.E.) Fair recently at the Lake Ontario Event and Conference Center.

Row 1: Emily Kirch (New Vision Instructor), Robyn Proud (Principal of Student Programs at SUNY), Teresa Woolsen (VOW Foundation), Jenna Bradshaw (Oswego), Jenna Hood (Fulton) Row 2: Abigail Cuyler (Fulton), Mackenzie Hayden (Fulton), Sierra Scott (Central Square), Sofia Proano (Oswego), Reagan Thompson (Oswego), Erin Waloven (Fulton), Ana Snyder (Fulton), Emily Klein (Pulaski) Row 3: Katie Distin (Fulton), Ashley Clement (Mexico), Kelsey Pickard (Fulton), Brianna Purdy (Central Square), Dylan Occhino (Pulaski), Nate Galluzzo (Mexico), Benjamin Carguello (Pulaski), Jiancheng Huand (Director of Oswego County Public Health), Jack Dodds (Oswego)

The event, organized by the VOW Foundation, focused on holistic and alternative ideas to help prevent and treat addiction and/or mental illness.

Students from New Vision began research projects in February, studying socio-emotional learning, mindfulness, wellness and stress relief strategies for all ages. The students then used their research to organize informational stations to educate their peers.

“It was a great opportunity to provide support and educate,” said Jenna Hood, a senior at G. Ray Bodley High School. “These techniques can be used by anyone to help cope with stress.”

The New Vision program was represented by students from many high schools in Oswego County, including Central Square, Fulton, Mexico, Oswego and Pulaski.

The program is receiving many accolades for its work, earning high praise from members in the community who are grateful for the valuable knowledge they shared.

“Seeing so many people come together makes me proud to be a part of this community,” said Emily Klein, a senior at Pulaski High School. “New Vision has made me a more active member in the community and I wish to continue to go to events like this in the future.”

The New Vision Allied Health program has participated in the S.A.F.E. Fair for three years. This partnership helps enhance student learning with a hands-on experience, noted New Vision Allied Health instructor Emily Kirch.

“For me, the S.A.F.E. Fair was a fun and interesting experience,” said Nathan Galluzzo, a senior at Mexico High School. “I got to learn a lot about different things I never knew existed and connected with community members.”