New Website Launched To Enhance Public Awareness Of Flood Risk

NEW YORK – The Federal Emergency Management Agency launched a new website,, as a part of its continuing community outreach efforts.

The website will be one of several methods used by the agency to inform and educate the public on its ongoing Coastal Flood Risk Study and Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning efforts.

“The website is intended to increase awareness and understanding of coastal flood risk, while fostering collaborations for information-sharing and dissemination between the public and local decision makers,” said Tim Crowley, director of the Mitigation Division for FEMA, Region II, which includes New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Additionally, the site will provide for transparency in the scientific processes and methodologies used to generate our studies and maps, increase awareness and understanding of the means to reduce and transfer coastal risk, and facilitate implementation of actions for risk reduction.

“This website is intended to be a work in progress, with updates and enhancements made over its life cycle.  We welcome all comments (content, format, processes) and/or questions regarding our studies or the information on the site itself,” said Crowley.  “With everyone’s support, this outreach tool will be informative and useful for the many of our coastal communities.”