New Year Brings New Rates At North Bay Campground

FULTON, NY – North Bay Campground provides a seasonal camping destination on Lake Neatahwanta in the city of Fulton.

The North Bay Campground, located at 925 Phillips St., accommodates campers and tents with 42 daily sites and 36 seasonal sites of which 31 have electric hookups.

The season begins at North Bay in mid-May and expires on the first of October of each year.

The Fulton Common Council recently approved site rate changes at the campground to begin for the 2017 season.

Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr. said the increases were brought up and discussed among the council at a committee meeting which sparked the decision to further analyze the rates.

Ultimately, the council unanimously passed the rate changes as follows:

Daily electric site rate has increased from $21 to $23

Daily non-electric site rate has increased from $18 to $20

Seasonal site rate has increased from $675 to $850

RV and camping trailer winter storage fee has increased from $75 to $125

Additionally, the council will implement new rates beginning in the 2017 season as well:

New weekly electric site rate based on seven days: $150

New weekly non-electric site rate based on seven days: $130

New monthly electric site rate: $500

New monthly non-electric site rate: $450

New off-season rate (10/1/2017 – 10/14/2017) electric site: $200 per week

New off-season rate (10/1/2017 – 10/14/2017) non-electric site: $150 per week

Common Council president and second ward councilor, David Ritchie believes the prices are fair in comparison to nearby campgrounds.

“We had the lowest rates all around for one thing, and hopefully by generating some more income we can make some improvements there,” he said.

Mayor Woodward agreed, adding “I think it was time. When you look at comparing rates, it shows. If we want to be able to keep it up like we need to, then the council needed to do this.”

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  1. Wow! Sure am glad I don’t camp there for the season anymore. That is a crazy jump in rates. You guys don’t offer any extras and you can’t even swim. Another great job by the Council to kill another good thing in Fulton ? So sad to see this. It is definitely time for a BIG change in Fulton. While I respect you all for stepping up and representing the Citizens and am not here to bash you I truly hope our city stays afloat. Are we getting Aldis??? Can’t afford to camp anymore and the slum lords are killing this city. Time to concentrate on what truly needs to be addressed and stop killing all the positive things this small city has to offer. I’m guess I’m glad I got out when I did…. but it still breaks my heart to see this city going downhill at such a fast rate. Think about what you’re doing here folks!

  2. are you kidding me….. for what,lets start here,,,there is no septic system ,there is no wi,fi or cable t.v. the bath house is a disgrace,you can look from womans room clear to the mens room,,really; and yes it has been addesed,never fixed.there is no beach,they charge immedite family three bucks to come visit me at my camper were there are nothing for anybody to do,i just think the city should of talked with us ,but like dirty pollitics they all go behind our backs to stick it to us,we knew something was going to take place because of the fact we needed new staff, they didnt like us taking on the task of telling them what was wrong,the city has a man in charge of parks and rec.really whats in this city for parks and rec.the soft ball feilds are self supportive,the ice rink is the same,the city is full of herion,maybe if the put some money up for a place for our youth to prosper and learn from,but lets just say there is no money,,,b.s. take the fund from something else like you always do….this city is going to the dogs in a hurry,,,,,im afraid you made a mistake here,,,i will sit at the fence and tell every camper coming into you campground to boycott you,, you alresdy trip over thousands and i mean thousands,,,by not staying open long enough to support the local racing venues that take place in early oct.maybe that needs to be addresed there city offical,,,,this is not over,,ill see you all at the gate to nowhere,thats what you have a big mess,,you will have many empty spots to rent in your old former land fill,,,full of rats

  3. What I really find troubling here is the fact that when the city leaders institute changes there are many citizens that speak out against those changes. Yet I fail to see anyone going to the CC meetings and expressing their displeasure with the handling of city business. I know because I’m at almost every meeting. With nobody speaking out the CC and the Mayor feel they are doing a good job. They feel I’m the only one that is questioning them and for that reason they feel everyone else is in favor of their actions. Come to the meetings they are on every 1st Tuesday of the month and also the 3rd Tuesday.

  4. frank we tryed that last year only to have parks and rec.leader cancel the meeting because he knew we were coming with bells on ,and he didnt want to jeperdize his job or retirement,with that said we will all be there including our attorny and the media is also been invited,we are anticipated them to cancel the meeting,and so is the press,these elected people cant answer anything we have asked them…..bottom line is now they will lose more money than its worth,we will boycott them and take turns maning the gate to fore warn campers,,see you all on the 7th,bet not

  5. I can’t understand how you can raise our rates and give us nothing in return,we have free water that’s it,the showers and bathrooms are in disrepair no septic no cable no lake to swim in.we don’t have a community room our camp store what it is only has ice cream,shirts ( north bay camp ground ) ,Slim Jim’s,ice and chips wow no camping supplies,we have to go to Wal-Mart no money there.what do you do to justify a $175.00 increase and a$50.00 increase in storage fees what’s involved there? nothing.I could see maybe a $25. to $50. rate increase but this is nuts, if you want it to be like other camp grounds then you need to step up to the plate and change things like maybe some security or keeping it open until October 1st.,roughly 4 and a half months at $850. do the math not a good deal. Totally unjust,there is empty sites and probably will stay that way as that is to much for what you get,you say more money more improvements I doubt it .

  6. Chris, If you do it at the regular CC meeting they can’t cancel the meeting if it’s the 1st Tuesday of the month. The press is all there. If you do it at any other meeting I can’t guarantee they won’t cancel it.

  7. Sounds like Chris you have some issues with Parks and Rec, not sure why or what they are. Part of Parks and Rec is assuring our playgrounds are safe, Christmas Tree Lighting, working on the Memorial Day Parade/Salute, over seeing community events held by others on city property (all goes through his office). While you do have a good view of needing things for our youth, where do you propose the money comes from? Pools have long closed, due to increasing upkeep and insurance costs, where would that money come from? I am sure that the city would love to upgrade the camp ground, ice rink, playgrounds and pools. Just one thing missing, the money. Tax base is getting smaller and smaller, costs continue to increase, Parks and Rec gets cut and cut. Unless there is the money, expecting upgrades will only lead to disappointment.

  8. furthermore, i can not wait to publicly tell the media how a former U.S.M.C. VETERAIN was treated on memorial weekend,and if you cant read the numerous stickers and what not all over my camper about being a proud marine,,,then maybe just maybe ill take this all the way to the veterans affairs to see how they feel,im sure you wont like hundreds of service men and woman bashing this.its time for a change and yes you have know unearthed a bad moter round,,again a small increase maybe,but you know each and everyone of our phone numbers,did you call us,no you did not,this is going to get very nasty with alot of the truth is coming out about ALL the b.s. going on over there,like paying for a site twice,hmmm just the tip of things to come out,im very efficiant i have my paper work ready does the city,i hope not.close the campground like you threatin to do,we are waiting on that also,i think its time for a change,ill contact veteran affairs to see about protecting me for a change,not the other way around,my fellow campers are behind me on this,you cant even fill the place on holiday weekends now,wait till we boycott you,you will see im a man of my words,,,,CAN U SAY BOYCOTT,oh wait you can cause whats left in the city with a future,the water is bad,city full of dope,and a campground being boycotted,see you all on the 7th

  9. Its common idea, if people don’t like it then don’t camp there. You are expressing the city has nothing but you are in favor of closer the campground? Hmm double message. If you don’t like the increase then camp somewhere else, that is the great American way.

  10. Chris you do realize this decision was made by the whole common council of Fulton. It was not an one man decision and not sure why you think they would have called everyone who camps there? This is a decision made by a city, did any of you go to the common council while this was being discussed? Not Parks and Rec but the people who are voted in to oversee the City?

  11. To raise the seasonal rate 125 percent in one season is absurd. You have staff that sits and smokes all day. So, you basically are fixing the city’s budget by overtaxing one group. How is that fair or justified? Poor leadership in this community has lead to a decline. I feel bad for all the lower income families that had someplace to once enjoy.

  12. I agree that more people should attend the CC meetings…me included. However, with that said, there are a lot of seasonal campers that have been there year after year, with this being their summer home, and have contributed to the campground from raising funds for the playground equipment, volunteering to plan and run various events, etc. The city has their addresses/phone numbers on file, they could have let them know about an upcoming meeting involving the campground. They claim the rate increase is due to the campground being so much cheaper than others in the area. But as the old saying goes “you pay for what you get” and most other campgrounds have more to offer. Here are some things the campground could/should do. Allow free use of the tables and garage at the office to seasonal campers to schedule and hold various events such as weekly Bingo, birthday parties, breakfast, etc….items that are put on by the seasonal campers at no cost to the campground. They should have a small game room for the kids to use. They should have a band a few times a season. The beach should be open and allow swimming. Repair the fishing docks so they can be used. Repair the boat launch, both on the dock and the ramp in the water. Check into getting Wifi and cable throughout the campground, even if it is an additional cost to those who sign up for it. I mean think about it, how many teenagers and/or adults can’t be separated from the internet these days, some even have jobs that require it—I know mine does. I realize some of these may be a cost to the campground, but if they are raising the prices, then they should have the money for some of them, right? Many of the campers would also donate material/time to add/fix some of the items if it were allowed. NOTE: Not all, but most of the items mentioned above, the campground used to have, but they have slowly dwindled away. The campground is never close to full occupancy, does anyone ever wonder why, do they think raising the price will draw more people? They need to make the people who camp there happy in order to draw in more people/revenue. I think the current rate increase is very high for a single increase, and I am undecided if I will pay it. However, if I do, they need to give us something in return to make it a place that we would want to camp. After all, if they are raising the prices to match the going rates of other places, then match the accommodations, because at the new rates, the other campgrounds may be more appealing. Also, most of the advertising for the campground is done by word of mouth and who does that….the people that camp there! So..what does the city want being said about their campground!!!

  13. Confused sounds like a man from Fulton with political ambitions, that currently is a campus cop. He fails to realize he paid for his site late last year and had someone thrown off a site they paid for on time because the city did not take credit card payments. Special privileges to those that suck up to city hall huh, R S?

  14. Why is the City in the campground business? Right now I believe it breaks even. Perhaps a private developer with the proper expertise would make the necessary upgrades to turn it into a more desirable location, drawing more people to the area, helping local businesses and the city would get a lease fee as well. Just a thought.

  15. Ha ha ha, nope not even the right sex! I’m just saying that if the campground is so bad then why are you camping there? No one is forcing anyone to camp there. It would be interesting to see how much the insurance is on that place, could it be part of the increasing cost associated with upkeep? I get that many have been there for years, but again why go back if you are unhappy there. You want to complain about the city not having anything, yet want to complain about increasing the costs to offset costs associated with the campground. Do you really think they make a profit off of the campground? Again if you don’t like it, haven’t liked it for years then I encourage you to move to another campground that you are more comfortable with. Oh and the city doesn’t owe you a phone call just because you camp there. There are public notices about upcoming city business, to expect a personal phone call is asking a bit much.

  16. I like that off season rates are higher than the regular season rate for weekly stays. It shows how clear minded the aldermen were in implementing new rates.LOL

  17. confused,come forward with your name…..the city never said nor advertized there would be a discussion on the table about a increase at north bay,,i agree why is the city running a campground that is in the granby town ship ? thats were im confused,this doesnt even fit on my plate,i hope the alderman that are inspecting there today do a fair and adiquate job ,you should ask a few of us not happy campers to join you,we will wait and see,

  18. It is my belief that any time the city is to vote on something there is an agenda posted, as well as when something goes into effect there has to be a public notice. It comes back to if you aren’t happy there then don’t camp there. If that many are leaving then maybe the city will ask why?

  19. Ok here is one of my pet peevs . Why should any taxpayer from the City of Fulton have to pay to use the boat launch or to just drive or walk thru the campgrounds. I could understand if they were going to stop and use the camp picnic tables and such that are there for the paying campers but not to just launch a boat or walk thru using the Fulton Foot Paths or drive thru without stopping. Just saying. And yes the campgrounds makes around $18,000 each year. So they could have done upgrades each year.

  20. Confused is a troll that looks to argue with posters. They are always on SMG looking to troll comments. The bottom line there was no notice posted or in written print of any changes. The city is not running a campground comparable to a State Park or a private campground. The rate increase was excessive due to the fact they have not maintained a steady and fare increase over the years. The city’s short comings in generating income they seek to burden a small income source of seasonal campers. The idea of them just leaving is unfair. They accepted the lack of amenities and activities in exchange for a much lower seasonal rate. A lot of people on fixed incomes camp here because they could afford it and be able to still eat or get medication for the month. It almost seems the city is pushing to rid the campground of these people in order to become upscale. Fulton is not Skinniatlast! The aldermen need to revisit this increase and come up with a middle ground. The camp manager worked 20 weeks earning about $600 a week, and then earned $400 a week for 26 weeks on unemployment so for 20 weeks of sitting around smoking and sun bathing made over $20,000. The catch of this all is she collected unemployment and vacationed in Florida. I believe that you state you are “ready and able to work” how is that if you are out of state? I also believe that is a Felony! What’s your response confused?

  21. Thanks for the name calling! I’m not arguing with anyone, I’m just saying that if people don’t like the campground then don’t go there. You seem to complain that they have accepted the lack of amenities because it was low cost. Yet you complain that it needs upgrades, which take money. So which is it that you want? Higher costs to help with updating amenities? Or lower cost and then complain that the campground is lacking? It all comes down to a couple of things, the city should not be in the Campground business and second if you don’t want to pay higher fees then don’t go. Simple enough.

  22. The way I see it. The City of Fulton is in a mess with more than North Bay Campground. Fulton does not belong owning a campground, with the financial burden the City has as of now. Is the City self insured? I suggest reopening the Campgrounds if and when the City of Fulton can afford to do the necessary repairs and run the Campground Safely!!

  23. A small increase would be acceptable….but this is crazy. Every season for the past few years there has been more and more to complain about. Two years ago the restrooms and showers were filthy ALL SEASON. We watched the same cobwebs and dead bugs, day after day. This past summer two of the toilets were out of commission. Opening weekend many of the seasonal campers were given rotten picnic tables..try to move them and the wood would fall apart in your hand! There is wi-fi in the “so called” game room but that is locked from 8PM to 8AM. Several of the seasonal sites flood when it rains hard because they are not properly maintained for drainage. How would you like to wake up to 6 inches of water outside your door? They could save money on the water bill if they would repair every leaking water fixture. I could go on and on over petty stuff…but they are all things we had learned to tolerate because the price was right!! Not so anymore!! We are senior citizens on a fixed income…so increases of $175.00 a season and $50.00 for winter storage don’t sit well. Since when should it cost an EXTRA $50.00 for my camper to sit there during winter? They are not using the space for anything else and they certainly aren’t paying anyone to check on them. In fact two years ago our camper and others were broken into and damaged. No cost to them… we sign a waiver! Some of you have said..if you don’t like it…leave. Well, that is a very good possibility .We have friends that had been put on the list for a seasonal site and went out and bought a camper… now they aren’t coming. Many of the seasonal campers have been there 14 or 15 years or more….what a shame that greed has to ruin things. If the campground had been running in the hole $18,000 a year, then yes, something drastic would need to be done, but when it is making a profit….that is just plain GREED!! What the City needs to think about… while we and others spend the summer there… we are buying groceries, gas, shopping at local stores, eating out, and spending money in Fulton. So the whole economy gets a boost. Sometimes, the great minds don’t always think things thru. See you all at the next meeting! And I’m coming over 100 miles for it.

  24. You can see how narrow minded the City of Fulton is when they refuse to allow for a study to reduce costs. It seems the Mayor says let’s look at it, but the council seems to be scared they might learn something new. It would all be up to the voters of the city of Fulton to decide if it would be accepted. I guess that they have no outside view of the World outside of Fulton. The way it is headed is bankrupt.

  25. just when i thought i was done,a very good friend of mine ,who has M.S.and is wheel chair bound,visited my wife and i at camp,after being there roughly 30 min.he needed to use the rest room,well offical i myself,and my friend would love to see you go from site 16 to the rest room in a wheel chair,I BET A SEASONAL SPOT,that you will end up the same way he did,WET,then had to leave only to be denied his 3 dollars back,like i said ANY TAKERS ON MY BET,and now he is getting the M.S. society involved in this,what a mistake you people have made,it will cost you in the end.the letters you send still say the city with a future,,really guys ,mayberry n.y. is looking better all the time folks,

  26. The thing is the City leaders won’t even read or acknowledged these posts. They are mainly retirees of the City or in general who only want to make sure they protect what is theirs. They do not have the best interests of the community they serve at heart. When you raise rates it usually happens in a percentage across the board of all fees. It seems they singled out a group of people to target. Shame on the “Leaders” of the City.

  27. one last thing from myself,the city hall is named after a very dear and special man, Mr.Harold Guilfoil, who i am sure is not a HAPPY CAMPER,I AM QUITE sure he would be very proud of his nephew,for getting into politics the way that i have,yes i am now jumping in,how many of you have said,….i feel sorry for these kids and grand kids?well then did our fore fathers dump us out in a swift moving river?no and why should we,these kids of tomorrow have no clue,we have to protect what is ours,THESE KIDS..raising the price to camp can only do one thing,drive familys out,its always about the dollar,well need i tell you ,money does not make everything alright….so i say MAYBERY ,i cant wait to see all these improvements to the new handicap ready campground,still nobody wants to take me up on my bet,its a sure way of making 900 bucks,free and clear rite?this is only the beginningy

  28. frank,that would be myself,he was a very honest,hard working man,with many views,i can only hope that uncle Harold is watching over me,and will lead me into what i now consider,myself running to try to protect what is ours,first come our children,then the city,not the other way around,with out our youth,we can not move forward,put the beat cops back on beat,make people that are elected accountable,which is only obvious they are not at this time,they seem to be worried about there retirement,retire now give up your seat ,to somebody that has a voice ,and is not afraid to speak the truth,even if it sparks a fire,stand up,grow a set ,and lets make fulton what it use to be,or is it to far gone….

  29. i am going to be a happy camper soon,for two very good reasons,first sorry fellow campers,but i my self have found a really cool campground,one that says they take care of there people,cause this is there lively hood,just ask me ill be glad to help you pack up and move along,second i just received a call from the U.S.M.C.reserve center,they are coming with a full platoon to the feb.7th meeting,wow im impressed,sempher fi boys,will there be enough room for all of us,the marines,the M.S society and all of the un_happy campers,and still city hall doesnt want to take my challenge,from site 16 to the bathroom in a wheel chair,one would like to think its an easy 900 bucks free to the city,or are they afraid im rite?trust me if you GAVEme the sight,i wouldnt use it any way,so come on city officals ,lets go have some laughs together at the campground,i have the wheel chairs,and ill even buy the beer,

  30. drx,dowie dale mexico,,,they have lake ont.wifi now cable tv and its 900 for them,hmm you do the math,can you say c_ya you hiway robbers,i will not promote there camp ground for them at the hundreds of racing events that i attend,in fact ill will tell them all,my family owns real estate in hannibal,we will let them come there and stay with out charging them,like i say any takers on that wheel chair challenge

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